THIS Is How To Wear Fashion's Freshest Summer Print On Your Nails

Like an icy glass of lemonade on a balmy Sunday afternoon, lemon prints feel refreshing this time of year. Sure, a sundress sprinkled with sliced citrus fruit may not be as mainstream as the florals lining your closet, but that's part of their appeal. It's why Instagram's fashion girls love them, in their curated kitchen-counter fruit bowls and on their favorite summer accessories — including their manicures.

Yes, just like the sweet strawberries and juicy watermelon that have come before, bright-yellow lemons are the nail-art decal of the moment, popping up all over Instagram. Ahead, we've rounded up our favorite lemony manis to keep you cool all summer, whether you try this look at home or during your next (air conditioned) nail appointment.

In a rut and need a creative outlet? Make like nail pro Hang Nguyen. "When life throws you lemons, paint them on your nails," she says.
This mani is similar to Nguyen's lemon and vine detail, but adds a yellow "French dip" on the other nails for extra flair.
Orbit nails meet citrus slices.
If you're looking for more of a picnic-inspired assortment, consider placing different fruit on each nail — including lemons, both whole and sliced — plus a glitter top coat.
French dips and vintage lemon accents makes for a mani that belongs somewhere on the Italian coast.
Less artisanal and more animated, this look spreads a uniform lemon print across all 10 fingers. It's actually easy pretty easy to DIY with a pack of lemon-print water decals.
A muted green hue perfectly complements the brightness of the lemon-spiked accent nail.
Imagine a glass pitcher of lemonade with ice cubes floating to the top. (It looks a lot like this yellow ombré mani, huh?)
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