Your Box Braid Debate Is Over — Rihanna's Red Color Is It

It's reached that point of the summer where all hairstyling bets are off. Straightened your bangs all morning? They'll be curling up before you can even read the humidity index. Slicked your hair into a low bun for the night? Don't forget your edge control on your way out the door, because touch-ups are a given. And that twist-out you spent hours working on? Prepare for a few inches of shrinkage due to extreme sweat. The grueling summer temps can make natural hairstyling more time-consuming than ever, which is why protective styles, like box braids, are a great option.

Beyond making life easy, box braids are a stylish way to ease up on daily manipulation of your natural hair. Rihanna, like many others, gets this. The Fenty Beauty founder, who recently celebrated the launch of her new Fenty fashion line, stepped out this week rocking waist-length box braids in a deep red color. And, as with any thing RiRi does, we want to copy her immediately.


It's no surprise that Rihanna chose maroon braids for her latest protective style. The reddish shade is a common choice among Black women, because it can be achieved on naturally dark hair without bleaching. When it comes to box braids, dark hair blends in with burgundy extensions perfectly, too.

Ahead, we rounded up more ways to rock the RiRi-approved look for summer if you're in the market for protective style ideas.

Not only will jumbo box braids save you hours in the salon (compared to micro braids), they'll look especially striking when done with deep red hair.
Brick-colored braids are also chic when tied into a high ponytail.
Walking into the hair story, you'll see there are many shades of red to choose from. You can do a rich, red-velvet hue or go for something with slight purple undertones. Either way, two tiny buns is a good way to keep the hair out of your face on a hot summer day.
When you're getting bored with your plaits about three weeks in, add subtle gold cuffs throughout your braids to dress them up a little.
In addition to going for a maroon hair color, separating your hair into triangle parts is a unique way to enhance your box braids.
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