The Bachelorette's Dustin Has Another Gal In His Life & She'd Honestly Make Great TV

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.

There are a lot of great-seeming men on Hannah's Bachelorette season, but only one can win her heart. What about all the other sweeties and fan faves we'll meet along the way? Well, one of them is likely to become the next Bachelor and we have a suggestion: Bachelorette contestant Dustin based solely on his Instagram appreciation of his dog.


Okay, not solely based on his Instagram. In the short time fans have known Dustin, he's already become quite popular. He's super cool — wearing a nose ring and sneakers with his suit to the first rose ceremony. Former Bachelor star Raven Gates was even raving about him on Twitter. "Dustin! Nose ring and white sneakers. I wanna know more!" she tweeted during the premiere. He's also kind of charmingly awkward. When he met Hannah on the After The Final Rose special Dustin tried to give a toast to her, but he was so nervous that he flubbed some of his words. Who among us wouldn't be nervous and awkward on a reality show? Dustin is one of us, y'all.

But one of the best things about Dustin is his love for his bulldog Sophia. Trust, we need this dog in our lives Bachelor Nation. Just imagine Sophia popping up in Dustin's Colton-style Bachelor vlogs. Or, she could show up on a date like Rachel's dog Copper did on her season.

You know the traditional Bachelor shopping date where the one-on-one date recipient gets to try on a bunch of fancy gowns and/or jewelry? Imagine that, but with Sophia — because Dustin already loves to dress his dog up.


Look, Dustin may well win Hannah's heart and her season. But, if he doesn't, Bachelor Nation deserves a Bachelor who isn't afraid to mix things up style wise, can get a little understandably flustered, and has an adorable pooch that we can all see on our TV screens. It's what we deserve.

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