12 Winter Haircuts Trending At L.A.’s Most Popular Salons

With the new year getting closer by the second, you may be feeling that inexplicable itch to call your salon, snag the next available appointment, and get rid of some dead weight. The only thing that's stopping you is the chance that said opening could be tomorrow — and you have no idea if you want just a trim, something you can still pull into a low bun, or a full-on bang.

Before you find yourself suddenly wrapped in a cape, staring back at your reflection without a clue, we've pulled together a visual menu to inspire your dream winter cut (and don't forget color, too). Better yet, we've broken it down by the four biggest haircut trends — from cool shaggy bobs to long, blended layers — coming out of L.A.'s most overbooked salons.


Scroll through for the 12 haircuts that will have you racing to see your stylist — or booking a flight to the West Coast — before NYE.

Mid-Length Lob With Face-Framing Layers

If you're looking for a cut that's not too long, but definitely not short, consider a mid-length lob. Unite hairstylist Graham Nation, who works at the trendy Ken Paves Salon in L.A., tells us that everyone has been asking for this in-between length, with purposefully shorter pieces falling around the jawline. "This cut is mid-length, with internal layers to add subtle body and dimension around the face," says Nation.
The in-between length looks amazing with curls. Notice how the bangs, styled by Sal Salcedo of Nova Arts Salon, anchor the shape of the cut.
If your hair is fine, a mid-length cut with face-framing layers blended around the face will give you instant lived-in texture — which is ideal during a season when it's harder to air dry.

Soft Shaggy Lob

The shaggy bob, a short cut with heavy layers throughout, is on the rise in L.A. right now. Though it may look intimidating in length and texture, the shag cut is surprisingly versatile. "Think of a shag lob as a cut with options," says celebrity stylist and OGX brand ambassador Jillian Halouska. "You can bring an image to your stylist, and they can help you create the look you're most comfortable with. The end result should be layered, but in a way that gives rounded softness to the style."
The softly rounded shape of a shaggy bob makes it perfect for curls. Ask your stylist to cut the hair dry, especially around the face, to ensure the bangs fall exactly how you want them to.
To give a shaggy bob even more flair, consider adding the fashion girl-favorite curtain bang.

Long Cut With Seamless Layers

If you can't part with your length, ask your stylist to try a layered style that's both dimensional and inherently low-maintenance. Stylist Marisa Mitchell tells us that long, heavy layers are an easy way to refresh a super-long cut without sacrificing length. "Long layers are hard to mess up and easy to manage," explains Mitchell. "Ask your stylist to blend longer layers in towards the ends of your hair — the key is to make them gradual so that they blend in with the rest of the hair."
Chaie de Jesus, another stylist at Nova Arts Salon, tells us that long layers are a great option for someone with a mid-length cut, too. They give extra body and movement through the ends, making for a seamless grow-out.
Soft, gradual layers breathe new life into long, curly hair, keeping the shape full and gorgeous.

Razor-Sharp Bob

Whereas most of the previous trending cuts included layers to create soft texture, the sharp bob stands all on its own. L.A.-based stylist Brianna Colette tells us that blunt, un-layered bobs are having a moment this winter. “From a fashion standpoint, a short, choppy bob is perfect for winter," says Colette. "This season, we tend to wear more layers — scarves, turtlenecks, collared jackets — and a cut that hits above the neck looks super chic. Not to mention, the blunt bob cuts down drying [time] during the chillier months."
Celebrity stylist Andrew Fitzsimons tells us the key to pulling off the blunt lob is making sure you explain to your stylist that you don't want any layers — not a single one. "The bob should be finished with sharp edges to keep the look sleek all over," he explains.
If that sounds too drastic, you might want to opt for a slightly tapered blunt bob, which is a tad longer in the front and easier to tie back out of your face. As always, it's important to bring photos that you love to your stylist to discuss how to make the look work with your texture and desired maintenance.
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