So, You Want To Get Bangs…

At any given moment — be it the start of a new year or after a tragic breakup — a sudden twinge of urgency will start to boil in the pit of your stomach for something new. You ask yourself, "Should I get bangs?" More often than not, you'll hear a resounding "no" in your head and move on, but we're here to convince you otherwise.

"There's never a wrong time to get bangs," celebrity hairstylist Mark Townsend tells Refinery29. Nothing should stop you — not the weather outside, your face shape, or even your hair type. Argue all you want about the maintenance and awkward grow-out phase, but Townsend says bangs are timeless because they're so surprisingly flattering. Regardless, it's the right move to make when you're looking to break out of a hair rut.


Still, there's no one-size-fits-all bang haircut. Just like any other hair appointment, a little bit of research is required before taking the plunge. Thankfully, we did all the heavy lifting for you and rounded up the best celebrity bang haircuts as of late to spark inspiration. Wait until January or go ahead and call your hairstylist today; either way, we promise this will be the best decision you'll make all year.

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What To Ask For: Micro-Bangs

What It Is: Roughly-chopped bangs that sit an inch, or higher, above the eyebrows

Despite how edgy we find them now, micro-bangs (a.k.a. baby bangs) are more retro than you think. Ever since stars like Bettie Page and Audrey Hepburn made the risky cut trendy in the '50s, it's been the bang hairstyle that it girls and fashion muses turn to for added cool factor. Emma Watson first debuted her choppy set in 2018 on the Vanity Fair red carpet post-Oscars and helped catapult the look back into the zeitgeist.
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The best part about a super-short trim like this is that it really does complement every hair length and texture. Zendaya's Joan of Arc-inspired sci-fi bob at the 2018 Met Gala put a modern twist on the style.
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Celebrity hairstylist Vernon François recently gave Lupita Nyong'o a pompadour style that gave the appearance of micro-bangs from the front view — busting the myth that only pin-straight hair can make the fringe work.
Not comfortable with commitment? Hairstylist Jen Atkin once told us that clip-ins (and wigs!) are the easiest way to try bangs while bypassing the risk of hating them tomorrow morning. Ariana Grande doesn't try the trend often, but she was a fan back when she had platinum hair.
The shorter the bang, the more maintenance you'll have to worry about. Luckily, your routine won't have to change too much — just make sure to stock up on dry shampoo. "It's all about keeping your bangs from looking greasy, oily, and flat," Townsend says. "Add the tiny step of dry shampooing your bangs before leaving the house. This is a preventive step and only takes a few seconds."
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What To Ask For: Wispy Bangs

What It Is: Long, piece-y, face-framing bangs

Often trimmed dry and vertically, a wispy set of fringe like Halle Berry's looks good on everyone who wants to make a small change with maximum impact.
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Wispier fringe also allows for minimal dedication, meaning you won't have to commit to styling appointments every three weeks.
Someone like Jennifer Lopez — square-faced with a sharp jawline — looks best in thicker bangs that sort of cascade down her cheeks at an angle.
Kehlani's air-dried look proves that you don't need a blowdryer and round brush to look good in bangs.
Photo: Taylor Hill/Getty Images.
This isn't Elizabeth Olsen's first time with bangs, but her longer layers are perfect for beginners. Not only does the length help you adjust to the new look, but leaves the option for trimming them even shorter later on.
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Ready to gracefully grow out your micro-bangs into brow-grazing fringe like Alison Sudol? Townsend says all it takes are regular trims (and by trims he means a hair dusting) and patience. "Wait until your bangs grow out to one, even length that hits just below your eyebrows," he explains. "At that point you can ask your hairstylist to vertically cut a point at the bridge of your nose." This will kickstart a flattering curtain shape.
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What To Ask For: Curtain Bangs

What It Is: Long, face-framing bangs that separate in the middle

A modern twist on the Brigitte Bardot bang, curtain fringe takes center-parted hairstyles to a whole new level. Lightweight, wispy, and split right down the middle, Camila Cabello's signature look is the perfect example of the style.
Photo: Franco Origlia/Getty Images.
"I think the trend now is all about relaxed elegance," Townsend tells us, specifically referring to his client Dakota Johnson and her curtain bangs. "If you look closely, you'll see that there are a ton of tiny different lengths in her bangs," he explains. "She can pull her bangs off to either side or part them in the middle and still have them look good because they aren't weighing heavy on her forehead."
Sam Burnett, owner and creative director of Hare & Bone, once told us that the most crucial element of curtain fringe is feathered layers. Natalia Dyer's shag seamlessly blends her fringe in with the rest of her cut to give us a taste of a classic '70s sweep (think: Stevie Nicks and Patti Smith).
Lucy Boynton chose to keep her curtain fringe as vintage as they come, with heavy, long layers that start at the outer corner of her eye.
Emma Mackey may play the part of a punky Brit in Netflix's Sex Education, but in real life she's just a relaxed brunette with stunning curtain fringe.
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What To Ask For: Side Bangs

What It Is: Long, side-swept layers

According to hairstylist Christian Wood, sweeping side bangs will be huge in 2019. Yep, the hairstyle that dominated our lives between 2000-2005 is back and chicer than ever.
Luckily, if you're in the market for a new, inspired hairstyle this one doesn't require fussy styling or constant trimming, which is exactly why everyone in L.A. is requesting it right now.
Photo: Rich Fury/Getty Images.
Expect built-in bangs if you want to go shorter — like Emilia Clarke short — in 2019. Whether it's a pixie or a choppy bob, bangs that cascade down the cheek are an easy way to add length to a cropped cut.
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The last time side bangs were cool they were almost always flat-ironed straight and paired with a Juicy Couture track suit. Now, you can spot a more casual twist on the trend on the heads of Emma Stone, Dua Lipa, and Amandla Stenberg.
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What To Ask For: Blunt Bangs

What It Is: Heavy, straight pieces that graze the brows

Blunt bangs might not be for everyone, but even we can't deny they're visibly back en vogue — just ask Duckie Thot. Sure, bangs that are longer, thicker, and straighter than others are more high-maintenance; but if done right, it's a style that makes even your most haphazard style look sophisticated and put together.
Photo: Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic/Getty Images.
Jameela Jamil's signature look updates Goldie Hawn's flared fringe of the early '70s.
Constance Wu's latest look is a prime example of bangs that are blunt, but not boxy. Ask for a length that sits just at your brows, but is slightly choppier in the center — this opens up the face even if the haircut is heavy.
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What To Ask For: Curly Bangs

What It Is: Choppy, brow-grazing layers

Hairstylist Shai Amiel of Capella Salon recently told us that women in L.A., specifically women with curlier hair, are gravitating towards bangs more than ever. "I like to cut some random shorter pieces around the face instead of a heavy straight-across bang," he says. "It works great with all curl patterns because it creates so much dimension and movement." Tessa Thompson's fringe don't often make an appearance, but when they do we're totally smitten with the sexy shape.
Photo: David Livingston/Getty Images.
Hannah Burdy of L.A.'s Mèche Salon recently told us that heavy bangs are best styled with some texture, which is why anyone with curly hair should consider it. Even better, brow-grazing bangs, like Yara Shahidi's, add instant movement and dimension to an old haircut.
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If you're hoping to copy Sandra Oh's new curly bangs, hairstylist Ted Gibson suggests trimming them while dry — not wet. This technique helps avoid curly bangs from looking uneven.
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Shag haircuts and thick bangs are a match made in heaven. Sal Salcedo of Nova Arts Salon told us that a cut like this looks even between with "squared-off layers." Ask your hairstylist to cut your layers in one uniform length all the around your head et voila your wash-and-go curls are bouncier than ever.
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Kerry Washington's bangs are packed with bounce and healthy volume. Townsend's advice to copy the look involves investing in a diffuser. "The Dyson [Supersonic Hair Dryer] diffuser attachment wins, every time, hands down," he says. Why? You can adjust the heat and the velocity of the air flow so that it's not as harsh and aggressive on wavy or curly hair.
Although we're used to seeing Lizzo rocking a butt-grazing ponytail, the singer recently opted for a set of wispy curly bangs while promoting her first major beauty campaign with Urban Decay.
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