19 Nail Trends Our Editors Can't Wait To Try For Fall

If you haven't heard, we're still feeling the adverse effects of some planetary mayhem. Already we've dealt with at least four short-lived retrogrades, but we're also in the midst of Venus backspin until the middle of November. 'Til then, we're encouraged to look before we leap and avoid any rash behavior. While some may focus that energy on their careers and relationships, we'll be putting our conscientious decision-making into our nails.

If we can't control the direction in which the planets seem to be spinning, at least we can control what kind of nail art decorates our fingertips. With summer coming to a speedy close, we need something to look forward to for fall. Why not make that our manicures? We're ditching the predictable wine-red autumnal polish for something special, kind of funky, and totally unique.


Need some inspiration before booking that nail appointment? Check out our fall manicure plans ahead.

"Lately I’ve been loving the idea of negative space at the base of my nails. Decorating just my tips with art makes nail growth in between appointments nearly undetectable. I’ve been eyeing this geometric look, which feels like the French manicure’s more playful, younger cousin." — Aimee Simeon, Beauty Writer
"Some people save bedazzled nails for the holiday season. But me? I wear blinged-out nails year-round (with no shame). I’ve been thinking about mimicking this multi-colored gem look with all blue stones to coordinate with my sapphire birthstone." — Simeon
“I am in love with all the '60s vibes this fall, and I want to copy these retro floral nails immediately. My grandma actually had a skirt with this exact print on it in the '60s, and I'm praying it's somewhere in my parents' attic for my ultimate matchy-matchy moment." — Cat Quinn, Beauty Director
"I love the idea of taking the dainty jewelry trend down to your nails with matching gold and pearl designs. It's minimalist, yet maximalist, and so damn cool." — Quinn
"I'm super into the modern art trend for nails, and I'm in love with this minimal, abstract design that uses negative space. Then again, I don't have Portia Doubleday's lovely, long nails to use as a canvas." — Rachel Lubitz, Senior Beauty Writer
"This is the epitome of rainy day nail art. At first glance, this looked like it would take me three hours to do, but then when I considered what exactly goes into a look like this (just a bunch of globs of random polish, really), now I'm determined to give this a shot. I can't promise I can get those itty bitty black dots in there though like Michelle Lee, and the Ukrainian nail artist who inspired her, did." — Lubitz
“I’ve always wanted to own a massive geode or two — not the kind they sell at, like, Urban Outfitters, but the really legit ones that go for thousands of dollars in rocks and minerals galleries in New Mexico and come with backstories and certificates of authenticity and shit. At this stage of my life I don’t foresee myself having the disposable income I’d need to purchase them without skipping rent for a few months, but hey, geode nails are cool, too.” — Rachel Krause, Senior Beauty Writer
"I blame Gigi Hadid and her iconic $2,000 manicure for the timeless appeal of a chrome manicure. Unlike classic polish shades, this shiny finish matches every sweater I own — and that's all I'm asking for on my most indecisive days." — Samantha Sasso, Beauty Writer
“I hate to be the person who just wants nude nails all season, but there’s something about this specific shade of a muted leathery brown that I find so sexy for fall. Now, all I need to do is put some Miracle-Gro on my gel-destroyed nails…” — Sasso
"Mixing nail polish might sound like an immature move when it comes to your next mani, but with just the right amount of contrast, the mismatched trend can look chic, cool, and #adult." — Sasso.
“Yellow is one of my least favorite colors, but I cannot stop saving images of sunny negative space manicures right now. There's something fresh and modern about the color, especially when done as a swoop or half-dip…” — Lexy Lebsack, Senior Beauty Editor
“I mean, tell me this isn't the cutest manicure you've seen this season?!” — Lebsack
“I'm also really feeling this French manicure done by nail artist Alicia Torello with not one, but two colors. Plus, the grow-out process is so much easier than a solid shade, which makes justifying the cost of intricate art that much easier.” — Lebsack
“My grandmother recently gave me an Evil Eye necklace as a gift and I've fallen in love — not only with the message (to ward of evil spirits and bad luck), but with the design. I have a feeling if I bring my Evil Eye to life through my mani, it'll bring even more good vibes. And who doesn't need more of those?" — Thatiana Diaz, Beauty Writer
“These squiggly lines are everywhere lately. And while this specific design from Chillhouse is inspired by Keith Haring's pop and graffiti art, it's hard to deny that the trend is growing. By fall, I'm betting this creative and playful design catches on." – Diaz
"This floral nail art reminds me of being 12 years old when I asked my mom to take me to the salon just before our family vacation, but that doesn't make it any less cool for my 23-year-old self (who still really loves flowers on her fingertips)." — Megan Decker, Beauty Assistant
"Despite the fact that I've seen this everywhere, I'm still obsessed with Violette's minimalist studded manicure. The lack of color underneath the tiny gemstones makes the nails chic and edgy as opposed to cheesy and bedazzled." — Decker
"Between vacations and summer parties, I can't be bothered with regular nail appointments. That's why I try to stick to negative space manicures because I can go weeks without a salon trip. This look from Paintbox has really bold colors, which I always end up getting around August because I want to squeeze every neon nail opportunity out of summer." — Jessica Cruel, Deputy Beauty Director
"I'm all about minimal nail designs. Lines, curves, and clean graphics are all my go-tos. This manicure looks like waves from one angle and flames from another. Either way, it's hot." — Cruel
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