A Guide To The Outstanding Cast In The Hate U Give

There could not be a more important time for The Hate U Give to come into our lives. The book, written by Angie Thomas, hit stands in 2017, and unfortunately the issues of class, race, and police brutality it deals with have remained relevant for the 2018 film adaptation, coming to theaters this October.

The Hate U Give tells the story of Starr (Amandla Stenberg), who witnesses the death of her Black childhood best friend at the hands of a white police officer. Her friend, Khalil (Algee Smith), was unarmed, but after his name becomes a headline, he's painted in a totally different light. What ensues is a battle between Starr's roots in her predominantly Black neighborhood versus her everyday life at a mostly white high school. Her actions, and the actions of the community around her, will determine if justice is served to the policeman responsible for Khalil's death.

It takes some serious talent to bring this story to life, and director George Tillman (who's been behind some of our favorite episodes of This Is Us, Luke Cage, and Power) assembled some of the greats to do just that. Ahead is a guide to the main cast of The Hate U Give, coming to theaters on October 19.

Amandla Stenberg as Starr Carter

Starr Carter is the 16-year-old prep school student whose family lives in the poor Black neighborhood of Garden Heights. She is pulled between two worlds following the death of her childhood best friend, Khalil.
K.J. Apa as Chris

Chris is Starr's rich, white classmate and also her boyfriend. While they have a lot in common, Starr is hesitant about showing him the other side of her life.
Algee Smith as Khalil

Khalil is Starr's childhood best friend who sold drugs due to his mother's debt to King. King even tried to get Khalil to join a gang, but he declined.
Sabrina Carpenter as Hailey

Hailey is one of Starr's friends at school, but tension between them builds as Hailey is not sympathetic to issues of race, and even makes racist comments herself.
Regina Hall as Lisa Carter

Lisa Carter is Starr's mother, and her main support system. She encourages Starr's activism only in so much as she stays safe, and for that same reason, wants to move the family from Garden Heights.
Russell Hornsby as Maverick Carter

Starr's father, Maverick, owns a grocery store in the neighborhood, and was previously in prison before having Starr. He is a strong advocate for Starr's activism.
Issa Rae as April Ofrah

April Ofrah acts as Starr's activist idol, setting an example for what is right.
Anthony Mackie as King

King is a notorious gang leader in the neighborhood, involved heavily in drugs and violent activities.
Common as Uncle Carlos

Carlos is Lisa's brother, and also in the same police force as the officer who killed Khalil. He was a father figure to Starr while Maverick was in prison.
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