Your Valentine's Day Horoscope Is Here

Whether your heart is full of Cupid’s arrows or your greatest romance is with your drooly pit bull, this V-Day is a big, ‘ol cornucopia of love.

Venus, the planet famous for forging bonds, is cuddling up to Neptune in woo-woo Pisces, making togetherness feel like magic. It’s one of those nights when you and your sweetie will feel like you’re reading each other’s minds. Words aren’t strictly necessary when you’re picking up each other’s signals clearly, but with the moon, sun and Mercury in cerebral Aquarius, any conversation will be stimulating and uncannily insightful. A love doctor (c’mon, they exist!) would tell you that relationships without conflict are DOA, so lucky us, because there’s a sizzle of friction in the air. It’s not actually a great time for working out conflicts, but that’s not really St. Valentine’s M.O. anyway. Instead, feel through friction with, well, you fill in the blanks. The planetary turn-on tonight is slow, sweet, gentle — and spiritually connected.

Those who would make third grade barf-y faces at this Hallmark holiday are even better off than those who are coupled up; all that Aquarius energy means wherever your group is going will be the most happy-making place to chill.

Illustrated by Louisa Cannell.
March 21 to April 19

This Valentine’s Day is a little outside of your comfort zone, Ram — and that’s a good thing. Your gift for going it alone won’t fly, nor will pushing (and pushing and pushing) help you get your way. The stars are aligned for a more compassionate, intuitive use of your energy. Instead of packing the evening with activity, see what happens if you open it for possibilities. You and your date (again, drooling pit bulls included) are signed up for magic and mutual understanding; when the time is right, you’ll know how to light the spark. Listen to the moment. A kiss can begin from the inside out.
Illustrated by Louisa Cannell.
April 20 to May 20

This is an extra-Marvin Gaye kind of V-Day, Taurus. Not in an overtly "Let’s Get It On" kind of way, but there will be a deep, slow bass note throbbing underneath all your interactions. To make this energy work for you, all you have to do is let it. Less is more. Simple is good. The perfect V-Date is a drive to the hills to look down at the city lights, or a cuddle in a heap of pillows with a bowl of bright, sweet berries. Add your complete presence to the beauty that’s there and feel the easy pleasure flow.
Illustrated by Louisa Cannell.
May 21 to June 20

Just because you don’t need to say anything doesn’t mean there’s nothing to be said, Double-Fine. This V-Day, insights are rebounding off the walls of your brain like hyperactive ping-pong balls. If you’re usually of two minds about what’s going in on your relationships, the hot three-way between the emo moon, mental Mercury, and the focused sun will clarify your feelings for once. Honesty — and even bluntness — is the best policy on V-Day evening. Just be gentle and caring in your delivery. Chances are the night will go your way.
Illustrated by Louisa Cannell.
June 21 to July 22

I have to be honest: It’s a weird V-Day for you. Not weird-bad, necessarily. The chemistry and connection are more about vibes then full-out declarations and any emotional outbursts are likely to be met with a raised eyebrow, rather than reciprocation. This is your reminder, Cancer, that it doesn’t mean your crush isn't into you if they fail to match your intensity. Just the opposite. Gentle caresses, significant looks, and rays of cartoon electricity coming your way most likely translate to Yes, I’m in.
Illustrated by Louisa Cannell.
July 23 to August 22

It’s tempting to read a crush’s silence as a no-go, especially when your heart’s on the line. Good thing you don’t give up easily, Leo, because that would be a whopping mistake. The target of your flirtation might be acting too cool for school, but that’s likely a sign they’re feeling you out before jumping in. Unless you get a clear turn-down, let the evening flow on its own terms. If you really care, you’ll be able to have fun without deciding yet whether “you and me” adds up to “us."
Illustrated by Louisa Cannell.
August 23 to September 22

It might be satisfying to file every experience into its own, neatly labeled folder, but how much fun would you really be having? Mysteries make life interesting and give your brain food to chew on. This V-Day will be in a metaphorical soft focus. Rather than assuming something is wrong or bad, work on being present in the moment. Receive love in whatever form it comes. When in doubt, task your brain with figuring out how to share more sweetness with the ones for whom you’re really grateful.
Illustrated by Louisa Cannell.
September 23 to October 22

Do you ever wish you had permission to spend all day lying in a jacuzzi, sipping a drink that matches your bathing suit, and playing footsie with your favorite, well-groomed homo sapiens? Regardless of what your boss thinks about this plan, the stars are screaming, “Yes, a thousand times, yes!” Spend the night soaking in your favorite neglected pleasures, contemplating the stars. and having the kinds of conversations that make you want to seductively undress.
Illustrated by Louisa Cannell.
October 23 to November 21

It won’t be easy to get what you crave this V-Day. In fact, it will be a compelling challenge. To go forward, you’ll have to lie down. To keep control, you’ll have to drop the reins. To get close, leave a little space for the Holy Ghost (or your own personal form of spiritual absence). Is this the agenda for a kinky hookup or a super-complicated mind-game you play to keep yourself interested? With the stars not quite sure what they want right now, that’s entirely up to you.
Illustrated by Louisa Cannell.
November 22 to December 21

Your body and mind might not have the same agenda, Sag, but you can still get what you deeply want. Deep is the operating word here. This V-Day, quick and shallow desires will be less fulfilling than a mysterious quest of the heart. Go for the one who (fairly consistently) fills you up with a sense of meaning; if that’s not the one you’re with, maybe the night deserves a more valuable adventure than romance that's only meh.
Illustrated by Louisa Cannell.
December 22 to January 19

Wild, crazy love is cute, but wouldn’t you rather have someone you can count on? This V-Day at least, you get the best of both worlds. Mystical, did-we-meet-in-a-past-life connection has a rock-steady undercurrent, making it the perfect night to tell your special someone how you feel, or for a vow-renewing ritual. If you want to get it on, get tender first. You’ll likely know the right words to say, but even more important is a gentle touch that tells your lover that you accept them — flaws and all.
Illustrated by Louisa Cannell.
January 20 to February 18

They say Libra is the sign of love, but if that’s true then how come V-Day falls in your season? Maybe because you know that the secret to sustaining love is giving each person freedom to be their own person. Mutual respect — instead of rules — makes your relationships feel spacious, and it's a clue as to why Aquarians tend not to be big V-Day consumers. This is a good year to opt in, though. With the moon in your sign, it’s easy to take the symbolism lightly and revel in the radical friendship you’ve built.
Illustrated by Louisa Cannell.
February 19 to March 20

If sparkly-eyed, good-hearted babes are swooning at your feet this V-Day, it’s because you smell like you just swam through an ocean of love and peace. Romance is happening on your terms, which means anything goes (as long as it’s divine). Words aren’t always your friends, but the collective harmony will make the communication roll right through you. Magic is here for your taking. Spend the evening like a kid, chasing your impulses like falling stars.
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