Your Valentine's Day Horoscope Is Here

Illustrated by Louisa Cannell.
Whether your heart is full of Cupid’s arrows or your greatest romance is with your drooly pit bull, this V-Day is a big ‘ol cornucopia of love.
Venus, the planet famous for forging bonds, is cuddling up to Neptune in woo-woo Pisces, making togetherness feel like magic. It’s one of those nights when you and your sweetie will feel like you’re reading each other’s minds. Words aren’t strictly necessary when you’re picking up each other’s signals clearly, but with the moon, sun and Mercury in cerebral Aquarius, any conversation will be stimulating and uncannily insightful. A love doctor (c’mon, they exist!) would tell you that relationships without conflict are DOA, so lucky us, because there’s a sizzle of friction in the air. It’s not actually a great time for working out conflicts, but that’s not really St. Valentine’s M.O. anyway. Instead, feel through friction with, well, you fill in the blanks. The planetary turn-on tonight is slow, sweet, gentle — and spiritually connected.
Those who would make third grade barf-y faces at this Hallmark holiday are even better off than those who are coupled up; all that Aquarius energy means wherever your group is going will be the most happy-making place to chill.

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