4 Possible Reasons Nicki Minaj Won't Be At The BET Awards

In a recent Instagram post, Nicki Minaj explained to fans that the NBA Awards would be her only awards show appearance this month. Her Young Money labelmate, Drake, is hosting the event and I imagine that her performance came as an added perk of tapping him for the gig. What has everyone’s eyebrows raised, though, is the much higher-profile awards show she will not be attending.

Airing on June 26, the NBA Awards take place the day after the annual BET Awards. Nicki is nominated for Best Female Hip-Hop Artist, a title that she has won every year since 2010. However, she hasn’t attended the awards since 2015, when she performed with her then-boyfriend, Meek Mill. In the Instagram post announcing her NBA Awards performance she put the word "only" in all caps, leading many to believe that she was throwing shots at BET.

This theory isn’t a reach. I can think of more than one reason why she’s skipping the awards this year. Let’s explore.

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She’s actually beefing with BET.

BET has not developed a stellar reputation for letting talent express themselves in the way they choose. Remember the B. Scott scandal a few years ago? It’s possible that creative differences between the two parties were simply irreconcilable and Nicki decided not to show. That would explain the hint of salt in her Instagram post.
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She’s too famous for the BET Awards.

The unfortunate truth is that the BET Awards do not have the same credibility as other music awards shows. As a result, a shady but common trend among Black Hollywood’s upper echelon is to simply not show up, even when they’re being honored by the network. This is why it was such a huge deal when Beyoncé showed up last year. But that’s another post for another day.
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Remy Ma will be there.

It’s kind of hard to enjoy yourself when your sworn enemy is in the same room, especially when your sworn enemy just dragged you in one of the best diss tracks of this decade. Some commenters on Instagram think that Nicki is afraid of running into Remy at the awards, especially since she’s repeatedly fired her own subpar shots at Remy in the aftermath of “ShEther.” Nicki skipping the awards on account of this beef would also align with claims that Remy herself made about Nicki refusing to attend awards shows if Remy wins for a category in which they’re both nominated.

Could this possibly suggest that Remy is about to break Nicki’s winning streak for Best Female Hip-Hop Artist?
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She’s just busy.

Being a celebrity is a demanding job. During any given week you can have obligations in several different parts of the world. Between flying to places she thinks we can’t spell and getting her 100-inch weave sewn in, Nicki might not have time to do both events.
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