7 Questions We Have After The Girls Finale

And just like that, Girls is over. Last night’s episode of the HBO series saw Hannah struggling with motherhood and breastfeeding, Marnie winning the best friend contest, and Hannah’s mother finally giving her daughter the stern talking to she deserved. That’s it. Even though we had a heads up that the finale episode would be missing some familiar faces, I kind of hoped that Lena Dunham, Judd Apatow, and Jenni Konner would yell ”SYKE!” and still give us one last take on the rest of the girls (and Elijah). The finale was polarizing, to say the least, and left us with some questions.

I have a theory that Dunham made a secret pact with herself to pay homage to Sex and the City by not exceeding it’s six-season count. Keeping up with this theme, could it be that we get answers to these questions in a Girls feature film… or at least a Netflix “revival”? Fingers crossed.

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
1. Did Hannah have a baby shower?

Marnie bitterly pointed out in the last episode that Hannah doesn’t have any friends. However, even the most distant associates will pull together a Target gift card with a congratulatory note on an occasion like a new baby. Hannah’s pregnancy progressed at lightning speed, so it’s possible that a baby shower could have happened; not to mention she has a furnished nursery, car seat, and other baby essentials new moms typically get as gifts. If Hannah didn’t have one, though, the question — which always seems to come up on Girls — is: How did she pay for all of that shit?
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2. What exactly is Hannah’s job?

We’re still no closer to answering this than we were last week.
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3. Are Elijah and Hannah still friends?

The last episode was framed as though all remnants of Hannah’s life in the city were firmly behind her. In the case of Shoshanna, Jessa, and even Adam (kind of), we get why that is. But Elijah was actually one of the few authentic relationships that Hannah had. Even if he was busy being on Broadway, it seems like Hannah should have at least been receiving regular updates via text about the people he’s been hooking up with.
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4. Are Adam and Jessa still together?

Obviously, the thought of actually being grown ups together was enough to put the nail in the coffin of Adam and Hannah’s relationship, which left him running back to the arms of Jessa. But after her teary-eyed apology to Hannah in the actual series finale, should we still assume that Jessam is still a thing?
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5. Who is attending Shoshanna’s wedding?

I don’t think Shosh wants any of the old gang at her wedding, except maybe Elijah. But because she lives for tactful decorum, I think she would invite them all anyway. Bonus question: Did she ever get another job?
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6. Is Paul-Louis really out of the picture for good?

We haven’t seen or heard from Hannah’s baby daddy since she told him she was pregnant. However, we know that Grover is the name he suggested for a baby boy. Maybe we’ll see him in the follow-up feature film. Another bonus question: How is their baby Black?
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7. Is Loreen going to be okay?

Hannah's dad has moved on with a new life partner. Hannah herself has a new job and a new baby. Marnie's life is still in shambles but she has time on her side. Loreen, on the other hand, only has shattered pieces of her former life.
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