Wait, Are There Any Main Characters In The Girls Finale Besides Hannah?

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Lena Dunham hasn't been shy about spoiling what's to come from the series finale of Girls. During a recent "Inside the Episode," Dunham revealed that Hannah and Adam wouldn't have any more scenes together.
Today, Dunham dropped an even bigger bombshell about the girls themselves. In an emotional Instagram post, the Girls creator, writer, and star revealed that last night's episode would be Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) and Jessa's (Jemima Kirke) last small-screen appearance.
"#mondaymemory From the first day we paired them together in fall 2010, we knew these two TV cousins had something kinetic. And it's true- even when they were battling, Jessa & Shoshanna had this insane Hepburn/Tracy Laverne/Shirley energy that just made us laugh so hard and feel so much. Last night was their final episode of Girls. No words for how we'll miss writing for them, watching them, working alongside them #JessaAndShoshForever #CousinLove #ThankYou #GoodbyeGirls," Dunham captioned the post, sharing three images of the two cousins.
And while we're sad to see the characters go, the decision might be for the best. The Girls became a foursome out of circumstance, more than anything — and now that Hannah is (spoiler!) leaving New York City, there's not much glue holding them together as a group.
Shosh fell in with Jessa's college friends by association. And this season, it's become more and more evident that she's unhappy with her former decisions, like forgoing a spring break trip to spend time with her cousin. While Hannah, Jessa, and Marnie (Allison Williams) have been dealing with their own problems, Shosh has quietly been building a new life for herself, including (again, spoiler!) a new engagement. And Jessa and Marnie don't connect the way Hannah does with each of them individually.
Friendships don't have to be lifelong to be meaningful. It's safe to believe the four girls will always remember each other and the antics they shared as millennials in the city. So while it's bittersweet to know that Jessa and Shosh's stories have come to a close on screen, it's also for the best.
As for the other main characters, it looks like Adam (Adam Driver), Ray (Alex Karpovsky), and Elijah (Andrew Rannells) have seen their endings, too, E! notes. So for the finale, that leaves Hannah, Marnie, and... Loreen (Becky Ann Baker)? The last episode will be an interesting one for sure.

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