Lady Gaga Blasts Melania Trump On Bullying "Hypocrisy," Votes Clinton

Melania Trump's closing argument that she would stop online bullying inspired a bit of eye-rolling in certain quarters. And by, "a bit of eye-rolling," we mean that the eyes came unmoored from their optic nerves, bounced out of their head, rolled off the table, dropped from the window to the street, tumbled into the gutter, and were then eaten by a family of very sarcastic rats.

One of the eye rollers was none other than Lady Gaga. She took to Twitter to post her opinions about Trump's speech and the election generally.

She also offered her endorsement as a celebrity, saying that she has special insight into Trump because of his and her celebrity status.

And she posted another video to her official Twitter, emphasizing the need to vote.

Gaga will appear with Clinton at the final rally of her campaign, a midnight appearance in Raleigh, North Carolina. RSVP for the rally here.

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