Look At This Baskin-Robbins Pizza With Halloween Candy Toppings

tomeng/Getty Images

Apparently Baskin-Robbins serves pizza now. Thing is, it's made of ice cream, and it now includes a Halloween candy variant. Their newest Polar Pizza has all the hits: Double fudge brownie crust made with Snickers Ice Cream, topped with M&M's Minis and candy corn, and then drizzled with fudge. That's quite a bit of candy. We have to say: Candy corn gets a bum rap. It's not the best candy, but it is candy. If you're a kid, you don't really care about what's being shoveled into your face. Or maybe you do, maybe you're some kind of candy gourmand. If that's the case, though, you should try this brunch candy corn before passing judgment. Baskin-Robbins will offer the pizza throughout the month of October at participating locations.

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