How Tyga Topped His Last Birthday Gift To Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is celebrating her birthday in style.

The makeup entrepreneur isn't turning 19 until August 10, but the gifts are already rolling in — literally. Jenner got an adorable new puppy, a huge birthday celebration thrown in her honor, and now, a $200,000 luxury car.

That's right: The reality-TV maven has a hot new set of wheels thanks to her boyfriend, Tyga. He surprised his girlfriend with the 2017 Mercedes Maybach on Saturday. The flashy car has a starting price tag of $191,300, according to Entertainment Tonight.

In true millennial fashion, Tyga captured the surprise on Snapchat.

"Hey, happy birthday!" he calls out to Jenner as she walks toward him while eating a banana.

"Stop! Tay!" she responds as she sees the sleek car decked out with a huge red bow.

He then sang happy birthday to Jenner as she inspected the car.

"Yay! I love you T," the still-18-year-old said as she takes a few snaps of the car. "Almost too boss for me," she gushed in another snap.

This isn't the first car Tyga has gifted Kylie. He gave her a Ferrari for her 18th birthday.

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