The Best ASMR Videos To Calm You Down

People who can experience the tingly, trance-like sensation of Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) watch specific videos to tap into the feeling whenever they need a little relaxation. For many people, that's right before bed. But if you could feel relaxed just by watching a video, don't you think you would do it all the time?

Search ASMR on YouTube, and there are over six million results. Everyone has different ASMR triggers — whispers, crinkly noises, precise makeup application, or doctor's examinations, just to name a few — but there are common themes that YouTubers have really focused on to make the most effective videos possible. ASMR triggers can also be "accidental," meaning just because a video isn't labelled "ASMR," it can elicit the ASMR response because of the content.

If you're not sure if you can experience ASMR, your best bet is to watch one of these videos and see what happens. Feel anything on the back of your neck? Like having someone pretend to take care of you? There's something for pretty much anything you're into. Go ahead and get sucked into the beauty of ASMR videos with these picks – you'll want to bookmark this story for when you need a fix.

Baking matcha cookies.

The artfully shot close-ups and soothing sounds in this step-by-step cooking video are mesmerising.
Shaving cream.

Watch and listen as this person spreads and smooshes shaving cream on different surfaces.
Typing noises.

Repetitive sounds, like someone typing on a keyboard, can be calming.
Bob Ross painting faces.

Someone dressed as Bob Ross (who's known for his own calming videos) will paint your face to the sounds of a babbling brook.
Mermaid pillow.

Sequins are so damn satisfying.
Facial and head massage.

You'll feel like you're at the spa even though you're sitting at your computer.
Special-effects makeup.

While you won't be able to see the finished product, just hearing this special-effects makeup artist talk about all her products will put you at ease.
Scratching on a microphone.

For hardcore sound-lovers, this fork scratching on a microphone will give you chills.
Sculpting toy.

Watching this kid's toy putty get manipulated is the perfectionist's dream.
Opening a pomegranate.

As delicious to listen to as the fruit itself.
Haircut role play.

Listen to a hairdresser tell you what she's going to do to your hair.
Ironing clothes.

Erase the wrinkles, do it, do it.
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