31 Hot Girl Summer-Worthy Looks To Try In August

As much as it hurts us to say, the end is almost here — of summer, that is. Before we know it, our carefree summer lifestyle will be replaced by all nighters, awkward holiday gatherings, and Friday office hours that don't end at 3pm. But instead of focusing on summer's imminent demise, we're choosing to enjoy the few short weeks we do have left. And by that I mean, we're fitting in as many hot girl summer looks as possible in the next 31 days.

But what exactly is hot girl summer? Megan Thee Stallion, queen of the hot girl summer movement, told The Root that "it's about women and men being unapologetically them, just having a good-ass time, hyping up their friends, doing you." From mini slip dresses with slinky pull strings to two-piece sets that rival your hottest string bikini, we're taking August as an opportunity to have a "good-ass time" and do us.


Click through the slideshow for a month's worth of ~hot girl summer~ worthy looks ???.

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If you look in Webster's Dictionary under "Hot Girl Summer," this is what you'll find.
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How many white prairie dresses is considered too many?
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This is the classiest thing to come out of Vegas since Celine Dion's final show at Caesar's Palace.
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Fact: A sheer trench coat is just a window into your outfit.
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This look proves that farm girl chic is a real thing — and it's a look that we want to get behind.
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When Rihanna speaks, you listen. Or in this case, when she designs a 10/10 LVMH-backed fashion line, you buy it all.
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If there was ever a time to go head to toe tie dye, it'd be right. now.
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Tie dye, Prada, mary janes and puffy headbands? What of-the-moment trend does this outfit not have?
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It's all in the socks.
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#1 summer rule: The stringier the better.
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Who said 'going out tops' were dead?
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Your dad's favourite bowling shirt just got a ~groovy~ update.
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Let the year of the mini dress commence.
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We're flip-flopping our way through the next four weeks.
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Table for two, please. One for me and one for my basket bag.
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Our summer 2k19 motto: If every square inch of your body isn't covered in accessories, you're not doing it right.
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International shipping rates may apply.
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If you can't cinch up your slip dress, what are you even doing?
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Office attire, summer edition.
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When it's 30+ degrees out, the poofier your dress is, the better.
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Head-to-toe leather in August isn't for the faint of heart, but after seeing this look, we're down to try it if you are.
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Who needs pants when you have a men's button-up and a killer pair of boots?
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Are tiny sunglasses done? If this look is any indication, we're going to have to size up.
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Who says you can't wear all black in summer?
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Summer in the city.
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One mint chocolate chip dress in a cone, please.
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Marie Antoinette-approved.
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It's all in the sunnies.
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Every pink, poofy dress needs a baseball cap to match.
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The only time one isn't the loneliest number is when you're counting the straps on a hot girl summer-worthy top.
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