These Are The Best Ab Workouts On YouTube

Trying to do an ab workout on your own usually goes a little something like this: You lie on a mat, decide planks are too hard, and end up scrolling Instagram instead. Unless you have a set plan or someone coaching you through exercises, it's easy to get bored and skip the whole thing altogether. And that's especially true if you're literally horizontal on a cushy mat. Sure, you could sign up for a legit Pilates class, but those can be expensive or inconvenient.

Luckily, (if you're reading this) you have access to the internet. There are so many free workouts on YouTube, and there's bound to be one that's exactly what you're looking for — even if that's just a few ab exercises to tack onto your usual workout. Maybe you're just looking for a 15-minute ab routine that's not impossible. Maybe you want to start a proper month-long ab-strengthening plan. Or maybe you just want to learn how to hold a plank for a minute. There's all of that and then some ahead.

13-Minute Standing Ab Workout

Who are the instructors? Claudia and Joshua Kozak

How much time do you need? 13 minutes

What's the workout like? All of the exercises in this workout are done standing up, which is great if you're in a crowded gym or don't have tons of floor space in your home. You'll need a pair of lightweight dumbbells for some of these moves, but you can use water bottles if you don't have weights at home. Prepare to finally feel your oblique muscles, because there's lots of twisting in this workout.
Beginner Abs & Butt Workout

Who's the instructor? Cassey Ho

How much time do you need? 15 minutes

What's the workout like? If you need a little extra oomph or motivation while you exercise, try this upbeat Pilates workout from Ho's Blogilates program. She does this workout with her friend, and they're chatty and giggly throughout, so you'll forget that you're doing an ab workout altogether.
2-Minute Ab Workout For Beginners

Who's the instructor? Tom Holland

How much time do you need? Two minutes

What's the workout like? This quickie workout is like taking a shot: You'll only do four different moves for 30 seconds each, but that's honestly all you need. If you usually have trouble following along with workout videos, this instructor gives a lot of helpful verbal cues.
The 14-Minute Plank Power Workout For All Levels No Equipment

Who's the instructor? Jessica Smith

How much time do you need? 14 minutes

What's the workout like? After you review how to do a basic elbow plank, you'll do 10 different plank variations throughout this workout. But don't freak — you're not holding a static plank the entire time, and Smith incorporates different movements to make things interesting.
Core Strength Ritual

Who's the instructor? Adriene Mishler

How much time do you need? 22 minutes

What's the workout like? If it helps to think of your workout as a "ritual" rather than a chore, try this very chill yoga routine. The exercises are relatively slow, so it's perfect if you want to work out, but not get crazy sweaty.
10-Minute Bosu Core Workout

Who's the instructor? Amy Kiser Schemper

How much time do you need? 10 minutes

What's the workout like? You need a Bosu ball (a.k.a. those half-ball platform things) for this workout, which you can find at most gyms. On the ball, you'll do a series of planks, which doesn't seem crazy-hard, but they do require some extra balance.
#MindBodyMat Day #1 Pilates Abs

Who's the instructor? Robin Long

How much time do you need? 10 minutes

What's the workout like? This gentle Pilates workout is part of a 21-day challenge, but you can totally do it on its own. You'll do the "ab series" portion of a Pilates class, which includes slow, crunch-like movements, and ends with some planks.
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