Snapchat Is Stepping Further Into The Merch Game

For about two years, Snapchat has quietly sold Snap-inspired merch on Amazon. The items ranged from mini ghost stuffed animals and backpacks to dancing hot dog Halloween costumes. Now, the recently redesigned app is bringing its goods back home, with a new, in-app Snap Store.

If you've yearned to wear your wink face on your sleeves, or your streaks on your head — you're in luck. Beginning today, you'll be able to enter the Store by scanning exclusive Snap Codes, which can be found online. According to Snapchat, the Store may also appear in Discover. Products will change on a regular basis and are available in limited quantities (get 'em before they're gone), and range in price from $19.99 to $49.99.

This isn't Snap's first major foray into merch. In addition to selling under-the-radar products on Amazon, the company launched Spectacles, which garnered much hype at launch but since proved to be a major sales disappointment. The alleged overproduction of the camera glasses could be the reason Snap is selling its new products on a more limited basis.

Ahead, a look at all the fresh apparel and accessories available in the first batch of Snapchat products.

The AR sensation that launched a thousand (plus) silly Snaps gets an IRL representative.

Snapchat dancing hot dog plushie, $19.99, available on the Snap Store.
Insert suggestive or coy message here.

Snapchat wink face sweatshirt, $49.99, available on the Snap Store.
This is a first: Snapchat encourages users to visually petition for a favorite feature lost in a 2015 update. Riots might ensue.

Snapchat bring back best friends sweatshirt, $49.99, available on the Snap Store.
A classic lens gets a classic tee style.

Snapchat dog lens tee, $29.99, available on the Snap Store.
Disclaimer: Wearing this hat does not guarantee your streaks will be kept alive.

Snapchat streak hat, $29.99, available on the Snap Store.
The Snap Code itself, for all your Snap merch needs: Scan it to access the new Snapchat merch.
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