The Best Behind-The-Scenes Instagrams From The 2018 Grammy Awards

There are photographers a-plenty at the 2018 Grammy Awards snapping shots of our favorite musicians. But! These are official people with press badges — the more off-the-record photos come from Instagram and Twitter, where the power players of music get intimate. On Getty, you can peep the "approved" photos, which means Instagram is where things get weird. Instagram is your source of real awards show news: It's how you find out what the stars are really thinking as they walk down the red carpet.

At the 2018 Grammys, there was celebration in the air. Musicians celebrated each other — in P!nk's case, one very special musician met P!nk's daughter, resulting in a very charming Instagram. Now that the sparkly show on stage is over, train your eyes on your Instagram feed: This is where the real stuff is.

Ahead, the best behind-the-scenes Instagrams from the 2018 Grammy Awards.

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P!nk posed for a family photo before the ceremony.
Bebe Rexha declared her love for SZA, who was nominated for Best New Artist.
Once upon a time, they were Pitch Perfect co-stars. Now, he's singing at the Grammys.
So, now you know: Camila Cabello was channelling the flamenco emoji with her Grammys dress.
Ed Sheeran did not attend the ceremony, but he did celebrate with his cat.
Before the ceremony, SZA got measured for her dress.
In lieu of a white rose, Lorde wore an excerpt from the conceptual artist Jenny Holzer in her dress.
And then P!nk's daughter met Rihanna!
Teigen announced the sex of her baby on Instagram during the ceremony.
Miley Cyrus flips her hair before her performance with Elton John.
This just in: Bono wrote Cardi B a note,
The rapper Logic Instagrammed a photo of the speech he made during his performance.
Well, the good news is DJ Khaled will never stop.
The "Despacito" singer couldn't resist a selfie during the ceremony.
Shakira, who was not present at the ceremony, thanked her fans on Instagram for her win.
Sam Hunt, nominated for "Body Like a Back Road," took a celebratory pre-ceremony photo.
Nick Jonas squinted his eyes real small for his pre-Grammys selfie.
Bey and Jay-Z didn't walk the red carpet; instead, they provided their own Instagram glam shot.
Nick Jonas, asking the important questions.
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