How To Make The Most Of The Longest Night Of The Year

We'll officially welcome the winter season tomorrow, December 21, on what's traditionally known as the winter solstice. Not only is it one of the main Pagan sabbats (or holidays), but it's also the shortest day of the year.

East coasters will see only nine hours of sunlight this Thursday, meaning we're in for a particularly long, dark night. There are plenty of ways to observe the solstice and actually enjoy the additional nighttime, even if you have zero intent to leave your warm, cozy bed. Actually, if you ask us, an extra long night like the one we'll see tomorrow is best spent in bed — with a lover or your favorite sex toy.

Having sex in honor of the solstice would certainly be a break from tradition rituals, but with a little help from massage candles, warming lube, and your very own body heat, you can emulate the warmth of the season. Besides, is there a better way to kick off the coldest months of the year than getting a little steamy?

Get lit.

Even if lighting candles isn't part of your regular mood-setting routine, we highly recommend making an exception on Thursday night, since light plays such a major role in winter solstice celebrations. Bringing more light into your home will honor the limited hours of sunlight we receive on the shortest day of the year. Plus, you can make the candles part of your fun if you happen to be using one of the massage oil variety.
Get fired up.

Whether you and your partner have plans, or you've penciled in a solo session, make it steamy by using a warming lube, enjoying yourself in a hot shower, or doing it under a luxe fascinator. In the same way that we create our own light on the solstice, so too is it traditional to cultivate plenty of heat on this cold, dark night.
Generate body heat.

Speaking of staying warm, choose an extra cozy sex position for the occasion. Not only will you and your partner love being each other's sexy space heaters, you'll emulate the intimacy of the season. Traditionally, you were encouraged to spend the winter solstice with those closest to you. Even if you're enjoying a relatively casual hookup this Thursday, a particularly snuggly sex position will increase the warm-and-fuzzy vibes just enough.
Enjoy the afterglow.

Home and hearth — that's what lies at the heart of the winter solstice. So don't get up right away once you're through with the main event. Linger in bed, take a quick snooze, and cuddle up with your partner for a slow and sensual come-down. You'll have gotten so hot and heavy that you probably won't want to leave the bedroom any time soon, anyway.
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