Just 15 Gingerbread-Flavored Snacks Because It's Officially That Time Of Year

The holiday season is always a special time of year for many reasons: family, close friends, those much needed vacation days, and sales on just about anything you could ever want. From a foodie perspective, however, September through December offers us the chance to do one thing better than ever: indulge in all our favorite, limited-edition snacks. Did someone say peppermint mocha?

Gingerbread is one of those seasonal flavors that tends to take over supermarket shelves and Instagram feeds come December. Whether you're a fan or not, there's no denying that the sweet, spiced flavor of this popular dessert is one people can't seem to shake. From traditional items like cookies to Krispy Kreme doughnuts (!!!), the options are endless.

If you're shopping around for more things to try, we've got you covered. An extensive search revealed 15 limited-edition products sure to make a great addition to your holiday collection. Behold, the gingerbread paradise dreams are made of.

These mini gingerbread men are coated with a white fudge icing for added delight.

Trader Joe's Mini Gingerbread Men, check store for price, click here to learn more.
If you love snacking on Larabar fruit and nut energy bars, you're in for a festive treat with this limited-edition gem.

Larabar Gingerbread Nutrition Bars, 5-Count, $5.99, available at Target.
These chocolate truffles from Lindt are made with gingerbread cookie pieces.

Lindt Lindor Christmas Gingerbread Truffles, $4.00, available at Target.
How could anyone resist the adorable-looking faces on these miniature gingerbread men?

Williams Sonoma Gingerbread Man Cookies, $23.92, available at Williams Sonoma.
Same crunchy texture with a cinnamon-ginger kick.

Nature Valley Gingerbread Man Cookies, $2.50, available at Target.
Pass on the peppermint bark, and reach for this chocolate-gingerbread hybrid instead.

365 Everyday Value Milk Chocolate Gingerbread Bark, check store for price, click here to learn more.
For when you can't decide if you want to bake a cake or a batch of cookies, try both.

King Arthur Essential Goodness Gingerbread Cookie & Cake Mix, $4.49, available at Target.
For one day only, Krispy Kreme is offering fans a taste of its first-ever gingerbread glazed doughnut. The new flavor will be available on December 12 a.k.a National Gingerbread House Day at participating shops in the US and Canada, according to the brand.
If you're not a fan of hard, overly spiced gingerbread cookies, you'll enjoy the soft consistency and subtle flavor this pack provides.

Trader Joe's Mini Gingerbread Men Cookies, check store for price, click here to learn more.
Pair this breakfast star with fresh fruit for a meal that starts your day off right.

Quaker Instant Oatmeal Gingerbread Spice, $2.59, available at Target.
Every holiday, Peeps provides different variations of its infamous marshmallow candy.

Peeps Christmas Gingerbread Men, $1.00, available at Target.
Maple syrup and gingerbread-flavored cream are combined to form a unique cookie experience.

365 Everyday Value Maple Gingerbread Sandwich Cremes, $3.99, available at Whole Foods.
Whether you prefer to eat them out straight out the box or in a bowl full of milk, there's no denying that these patchwork squares sure are good.

Quaker Life Gingerbread Spice Breakfast Cereal, $2.50 $2.99, available at Target.
Of course flavored popcorn's a thing, yet rest assured that we've never seen anything quite like this before.

Gary Poppins Popcorn Gingerbread Crunch, $24.99, available at Gary Poppins Popcorn.
Need a gift for someone who loves gingerbread? How about a gingerbread-flavored pancake and waffle mix?!

Williams Sonoma Gingerbread Pancake Mix & Syrup, $28.95, available at Williams Sonoma.
A holiday classic, Williams Sonoma's Moravian Ginger Spice Cookies come packaged in a gift-able tin container that keeps the goods nice and fresh.

Williams Sonoma Moravian Ginger Spice Cookies, Single, $23.16, available at Williams Sonoma.
TJ's gingerbread cookie sticks are incredibly sweet, soft, and chewy. The perfect size and shape, they're also great for dunking in a cup of dessert coffee.

Trader Joe's Gingerbread Cookie Sticks, $2.99, available at Trader Joe's.
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