Carrie Underwood Says This Was Her Most Comfortable CMA Awards Look

For the past 10 years, Carrie Underwood has hosted the Country Music Awards, and in that time, she's become known for her multiple outfit changes during the show. "At this point, we're a well-oiled machine," her stylist Marina Toybina tells Refinery29. On average it takes Underwood 5 minutes to get changed between looks. The trick, Toybina says, is that it all comes down to this time-saving tip: if the zipper gets caught, just sew her in!

"When we get the running order of the show, we’re like, ‘Okay these are complicated so we’re gonna need more time,’ so we try to just plan where things that might need a little more time get a little more time," Underwood said to People magazine in 2016, explaining the method behind the madness, "there are easy changes, like, ‘Oh, we have five minutes, that’s a lifetime in TV-quick-change world!"

"We make the time count," she added.

Toybina says she just wants Underwood to feel comfortable while pushing the boundaries of what makes a fashionable host. Click ahead to see the 2017 CMA Awards host describe her looks in her own words, and find out which was the most comfortable look of the night!

"I rarely do blue on a carpet," Underwood tells Refinery29. "I love that it was different and the shape that it gave me."
"The red color really stood out when I first tried it on, and the cape worked well for walking out onto the stage," she said of her opening look.
Underwood loves wearing designer Elie Madi because the pieces always fit her so well.
"This was an easy decision – really pretty and perfect for the CMA Awards!"
"This dress has such pretty detail and is just fun," Underwood tells Refinery29. "Especially the skirt!"
" I loved this when I tried it on and it felt like a fashion-forward take on the Nudie suits of the past."
"This was an easy change. The color was different, and the touch of sparkle was a lot of fun!"
"This reminds me of feathers — and it was surprisingly comfortable, too."
"I just thought that this dress was beautiful and ethereal, and fit the moment perfectly," Underwood tells Refinery29 of her performance look.
"This was just a great, fun color that really popped on stage!"
"I normally like to end the show in a more dramatic look and thought this worked perfectly to close the night," Underwood said, bringing her CMA fashion full circle. "Cape to start, and cape at the end!"
"At the end of the night, I love to wear something that’s comfortable!"
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