The Best Painted Pumpkins On Instagram

Halloween is almost here, and the procrastinators among us might still be thinking about the perfect costume or party decor. While some of us are more than happy to throw on a witch hat, hang a spiderweb or two, and party on, others go all out.

No matter which camp you fall into, you've probably gotten the urge to decorate a pumpkin or two — it's a seasonal tradition we'd never stray from. But who says you need to get messy and carve a pumpkin? We've spotted scores of rad designs on Instagram that require no carving at all — just some paint, and maybe fabric and stencils. (And in some cases, sequins.)

From a unicorn pumpkin, to a PSL pumpkin, to a doughnut pumpkin, these creative ideas for gourd-painting are guaranteed to get all the likes. Get inspired, ahead.

Unicorn pumpkins are everywhere.
Totally eye-opening.
For the minimalist.
I'll have a grande gourd.
They don't taste exactly like doughnuts, but...
Chic chinoiserie.
Holly Gourd-lightly.
This princess pumpkin is the stuff of fairy tales.
Step into fall.
Say it loud, say it proud.
Simple and chic.
Accio Halloween!
A millennial-pink dream.
Minion pumpkins are a huge hit this year, too.
The princess of all pumpkins.
Go for the gold.
Florals on a pumpkin? Groundbreaking.
This pastel floral pumpkin has Lauren Conrad written all over it.
Are you trolling us? These are fantastic.
In a galaxy far, far away...
We all scream for this ice cream pumpkin.
A badass Ariel.
We all live in a yellow gourd.
Characters from Bob's Burgers.
All that glitters.
An emoji is like a thousand words.
Not pictured: the matching loafers.
Princess pig.
Never grow up.
Totally psychedelic.
A very loving emoji pumpkin.
My Little Pumpkins.
Starry, Starry Gourd.
Zombie bride!
Another unicorn, just 'cause.
Lady and the Pumpkin.
Autumn leaves.
Team spirit.
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