The Latest Tattoo Trend Deserves A Spot In The MoMA

Tattoo artists are just that — artists. But with the all the trendy tiny tattoos (think: barely noticeable dots of white ink on Kendall Jenner's inner finger), it's easy to forget about the intricate details that go into crafting bigger designs. However, the recent tattoo trend that's been popping up all over Instagram is one that art history buffs and those partial to spray paint graffiti can both get behind.

Because who's to say that Pablo Picasso-worthy artwork is restricted solely to the MoMA? Certainly not us. We can appreciate the aesthetic appeal of the color-blocked dresses the Olsen twins wore in Our Lips Our Sealed and graphic nail art. And now, abstract designs are being cemented into our day-to-day lives, outside of a museum — in the form of badass tattoos.

Ahead, the coolest, most picturesque pieces of ink that we've seen on Instagram as of late. Think of 'em as your free, all-access ticket to an art show.

The bright pinks and neon yellows really make these abstract quadrangles and curved lines pop.
This one is muted with mossy green and black hues. With a few eyes etched into the design, it gives the effect that there's always someone watching...
Smaller and more simplistic, the colorful, rounded lines and off-center facial features give this design quite a modern look.
A portrait of a cap-wearing human riding off into the sunset has never looked so cool.
Etched on the lower calf, this abstract crown makes us think the design might be a depiction of a princess of sorts. That's the fun thing about expressionism — it's up for interpretation.
With sharp and angular shapes, this "piece" is more two-dimensional.
There seem to be skeleton musicians hidden throughout this design. The reds, yellows, and greens are segmented, adding dimension to the upper arm art.
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