13 Halloween Nail Art Ideas That Don't Involve Pumpkins & Candy Corn

Asking for a striped candy-cane nail in December is kind of like asking for a lollipop after the doctor gives you a shot — something we'd like to think we've outgrown. But with the rise of Instagram, and the correlation between trendy manicures and the number of likes you get on your hand-around-the-mug pic, seasonally-inspired nail art has suddenly gone from childlike and cheesy to subtle and chic.

And with the spookiest of holidays coming up soon, we're adjusting our manis accordingly. From blood-dipped art to fingers that shoot daggers, these are Halloween nails you'll actually feel cool wearing.

Go Frankenstein-ish with these stitched nails. A minimalist's dream for maximizing negative space, it's the Halloween equivalent of a French manicure.
It's the solar eclipse, which isn't exactly Halloween-y, but still an eerie moment that we're going to say qualifies.
Keep it simple with long, super-shiny black talons. Held up next to oil-slicked lids, it makes for a villainous look.
Because orange and black is just too obvious.
The chicest way to do a sliver of moon on a pitch-black night.
Bring out your daggers with this design. It lets you tease dramatic faux-talons without actually filing acrylics to a pointed tip.
Textured polish adds a little dimension to your nail. Part holiday, part puffed Cheeto — not a bad combo.
If you're going as Spider-Woman, these cobweb nails will up your costume's coolness tenfold.
Bloody color? Check. Ghostly accent nail? Yep. Sharp tips all around? These nails are officially badass.
Bet you didn't think the candy corn colors could look this sophisticated.
Black with a sheer white overlay is like the manicure equivalent of that eerie gust of wind in the night that sends shivers down your spine and makes your hair stand on end.
Blood drips are an easy way to elevate your classic red nails for the occasion. (And hide the fact that your at-home manicure skills aren't always so sharp.)
We're big fans of the words-on-nails look, a trend that lends itself to many Halloween possibilities. This particular look is haunting and pop culture-relevant — ask any PLL fan.
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appearance by Anissa Richmond.
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