Every Single Pumpkin Hack You Could Possibly Need This Fall

It's October and pumpkins are officially in season. For once, we're not talking about flavored foods; instead, we're getting right into the OG orange gourds themselves. You know, the real ones that grow on a vine, in a patch? But before we all rush out to grab our respective gourds, a pumpkin-prepping refresher is in order.

Ahead we rounded up the top seven tips for cutting, carving, roasting, and even kegging your — everything from carving methods to creative cookie-cutter hacks, drink cooler creations, and more. So scroll on to get ready for pumpkin season, no pumpkin spice flavored products required.

If you're looking more festive options, let these Pinterest-worthy carving alternatives do the trick.

The Classic Way To Carve A Pumpkin
Kick pumpkin-carving season off with a classic refresher on how it's done.
Carve Your Pumpkin With A Drill
If your creative carving skills aren't exactly on point, this drill method makes for a dazzling and easy alternative.
Carve Your Pumpkin With A Cookie Cutter
No stencil? No problem — cookie cutters have you covered.
Make A Pumpkin Cooler
Every Halloween party is needs a DIY pumpkin cooler.
Make A Pumpkin Keg
The autumnal answer to summer's watermelon keg — we'll be filling ours with pumpkin beer or hard apple cider.
Keep Your Carved Pumpkin Fresh
Kiss the rotting pumpkin of your apartment nightmares goodbye!
Roast Your Own Pumpkin Seeds
Last but not least, be sure to save all those carved pumpkin guts — because when roasted up and well-seasoned, they're delicious.
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