We Played "Would You Rather" With The Merrell Twins — & It Was Pretty Intense

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A quick glance at Vanessa and Veronica Merrell's viral YouTube channel offers some pretty persuasive evidence of just how brave these 21 year-old twins are. Looking for proof? When the identical duo isn't busy blessing us with original songs like "Runner Runner," you can watch them sample the world's stinkiest fish and slay a blind taste-test of a few seriously funky sounding sodas. Real talk: we'd never have gotten even close to either of those..."delicacies," let alone taken a big, bold bite. Kudos, ladies.

So when R29 staffer Lucie Fink met up at 2017's VidCon with the twins, whose Internet fanbase boasts over 2.5 million followers, they were typically unfazed by a grueling round of the "Would You Rather" Challenge. A game that poses bizarrely compelling conundrums like "would you rather be forced to wear wet socks for the rest of your life, or be allowed to shower once a year," this throw-down definitely isn't for the faint of heart. Catch their entire, slightly harrowing round above. Spoiler: a ketchup shot may or may not make a stomach-churning cameo.

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