This Is How YouTube's Biggest Beauty Stars Deal With Breakouts

Pimples are like annoying family members: They show up at the most inopportune times, can be stressful as fuck, and almost everybody has had to deal with one. But when it comes to treating and concealing acne, there is no one with more solutions than a beauty vlogger (sorry, mom). After all, who better to turn to for answers than the people whose careers rely on looking good for the camera?

That's what we thought. So we sat down with some of YouTube's biggest stars at this year's Nyx FACE Awards — the only place that brings influencers together more than a makeup sale at Sephora — to find out exactly how they deal with breakouts. Ahead, the tried-and-true makeup and skin care tips that actually work... Sepia filter be damned.

Mykie (a.k.a. Glam&Gore)

The self-taught special effects makeup artist joined the YouTube-sphere back in 2014, amassing a whopping 2 million subscribers on the video sharing platform (not to mention another 1.4 million on Instagram).
You wouldn't know it from looking at her skin today, but Mykie tells us she used to suffer from severe acne (she even went on Accutane) so she's gotten pretty good at covering it up. "The trick is to not sweep over the pimple," she says. "You want to pat it on, because if you sweep, you'll keep moving the product around and thin it out. It won't actually cover it. I use a sponge, because you don't want to contribute to any more oil or dirt on your face. If you can use a clean Beautyblender, that's your safest bet." (Note that "clean" is they key word here.)

Beautyblender original, $20, available at Beautyblender.
Patrick Simondac (a.k.a. Patrick Starrr)

Perhaps one of the biggest names in the beauty vlogger-sphere, Starrr (who hosted the FACE Awards) has racked up quite an impressive following — which, across Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, tallies up more than 7 million.
"If I feel a pimple coming, I'll put the Lush Green Tea Tree Toner on it the night before," he says. "It's a go-to for me, because the next day it should be reduced by 50% — for real. As soon as I wake up, I drink a ton of water, ice under my eyes, and I'll ice the pimple, too. If it's super puffy, ice it."

Lush Tea Tree Water, $10.95, available at Lush USA.
Then, to keep any blemishes from coming back: "You must take off your makeup — that's the number one rule," Starrr says. "This is my secret: I'll take that Clinique Take The Day Off remover and pour the liquid in a bag of face wipes. That'll make all the wipes juicy and then I'll shake it up before using them. I like the Nyx wipes a lot; those are very inexpensive."

Nyx Be Gone! Makeup Remover Wipes, $5, available at Nyx Cosmetics.
"The thing about the Clinique makeup remover is that it's non-greasy, which is great for eye makeup." (Note: It also works for long-wearing lip color.)

Clinique Take The Day Off Makeup Remover, $19, available at Clinique.
Jessica Kalil (a.k.a. Gorejessfx)

While she's only been doing makeup on YouTube for six months, Kalil has already made quite an impact: She's garnered 4,000 subscribers to date and won Nyx's Beauty Vlogger Of The Year award this year.
Kalil's pro tip for camouflaging acne? Color correctors. "Depending on the undertone of the spot, I like to use a dab of one from Nyx's Color Correcting concealers with a damp makeup sponge," she says. "If it's more on the red side, I'll use a green-toned color and follow that with foundation and a light dusting of powder. It's easy to get carried away with products when you’re trying to conceal a blemish, but less is more in this case — light layers will do the trick."

Nyx Color Correcting Palette, $12, available at Nyx Cosmetics.
Christina (a.k.a. Chrisspy)

After working for MAC, Chrisspy decided to take her love of makeup artistry online — building up a devoted YouTube following of 1.8 million since 2012.
Chrisspy swears by color-correcting, too, but says that it's easiest to use one after the red phase of a pimple — when it turns blue. "I like to take a little bit of orange concealer and use it as a color corrector to counter that darker color," she says. "So you do your foundation, put a little bit of orange over that, then you put a little more foundation on top so it'll match your skin tone."

Make Up For Ever Camouflage Cream Pot Color Corrector, $20, available at Sephora.
Alexys Fleming (a.k.a. "Lex" or Madeyewlook)

A licensed esthetician, Lex learned just as much about skin care as she did makeup and body painting at cosmetology school. Her YouTube channel boasts 2.3 million followers.
She says the biggest mistake people make when dealing with a pimple is over-drying it out with too many acne treatments. "That only makes your skin oilier, causing a worse problem," she says. "Because I film so often, I've learned that you have to keep skin hydrated for it to look good on camera. I've been using Sunday Riley, which has been an amazing line for my oily skin."

Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser, $45, available at Sephora.
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