This Nail Trend Is Taking Over IG — And It's Pretty Darn Groundbreaking

An iconic movie character once said, "Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking." This woman was Miranda Priestly, the editor-in-chief of Runway in The Devil Wears Prada. While she may have been suggesting that florals are anything but, she never saw the raddest new nail trend sweeping Instagram.

Sure, etching flowers onto nail beds has been a go-to nail art technique for as long as we can remember, this year we're seeing manicurists push boundaries by inventing new, more delicate ways to turn the floral motif on its head. "The tiny floral is everywhere right now," says Sarah Gibson-Tuttle, owner of 'It' L.A. nail salon chain Olive & June. "We love taking inspiration from '90s dresses and using it to accent a mani, especially layering the florals onto French or half moons."

The trend is downright chic, but some nail artists are taking it a step further, too. Instead of relying upon polish to create flowers on the nail bed, manicurists are thinking outside of the box, crafting 3D manicures that truly bring flowers to life. We're talking dried petals encased in gel, vines extending onto the fingers, and so much more. Check 'em out in the slides ahead.

At Rodarte's Paris Haute Couture show earlier this month, nail artist Tracylee created this 3D work of art. "I went to my local florist and found some tiny buds and greens to try the look with," she told Refinery29. "I feel that bringing art down past the nail bed is a form of artistic expression for nail artists and consumers who are experimenting now more than ever with access to YouTube and Instagram."

After laying down a base of Morgan Taylor's Sugar Fix polish, Tracylee used lash glue to apply teeny tiny flowers to the cuticle, extending a few buds up the pinky and ring fingers.
Extending your manicure up your fingers may not be the most practical of nail techniques, but you can still try the 3D trend on your nail beds like this creation by manicurist Park Eunkyung.
Manicurists at new New York-based salon Wild Oleander enveloped real dried flowers in this gel manicure.
Looking for something more practical? Stick to delicate floral nail art instead, like this beaut from Olive & June.
Minimalists will love the look of a few delicate flowers on an accent nail.
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