McDonald's Japanese Melon Ice Cream Float Is Green & Gorgeous

Hot off the heels of its perfectly pink (and photogenic) Cherry Blossom Float, McDonald's Japan is offering up a new seasonal sip that's just as pretty...and it features a very traditional flavor, albeit with a modern McD's twist.

PopSugar reports that Japanese McDonald's locations are offering up a brand-new ice cream float. This time, the chain is swapping out its rosé-colored bubbly for a verdant green hue. As for the flavor? It's a little unexpected, but very Japanese. It's not mint. No, it's not apple, either. It's melon, a particularly Japanese specialty.

In fact, Japan boasts the honor of having the world's most expensive melons — if not the world's most expensive fruit, period — the Hokkaido Yubari King melon. One once sold for about 2 million Yen, or something in the ballpark of $18,000.

McDonald's isn't juicing up crates of Yubari Kings for its new float, though. Instead, it's taking the idea of Japanese melon and pairing it with a soft-serve topping. The soda in question is actually a flavor of Fanta that's not available stateside, but is very popular across the Pacific.

Other Japanese flavors that could possibly get the soft-serve treatment? La France, The Mystery Fruit, and maybe Snow Squash? With a slew of exclusive (and strange-sounding) flavors, Mickey D's seems to have an endless stream of ideas. And while the pink drink had a soft, blushing hue, the green version is full-on neon, making it the perfect summer sip...and an eye-catching one, at that.

The picture-perfect pink drinks may be long gone, but the Golden Arches' green take shows that there's certainly no shortage of Instagram-ready fast food eats over in Japan.

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