Chance The Rapper Tweeted The Cutest Thing About His Daughter's Hair

Chance the Rapper blessed us with a new music video for his song, “Same Drugs,” on Facebook Live earlier today. And the blessings keep on rolling in — only this time, they come in the form of hair care advice. The artist's recent tweet, in which he adorably lists the four-step routine he follows to comb out his daughter’s hair without hurting her, might be our favorite yet.

His beauty hack? A blend of water, argan oil, and shea butter — all brushed through with a wide tooth comb. (But, it's gotta be really wide, you know?) Even better, there's more where that comes from: Chance, whose music is making major waves in the hip hop space right now, frequently takes a break from the spotlight to update his social media followers with the cutest updates about his baby.

Clearly, Chance’s fatherhood skills are on point. And we’re pretty damn impressed by his hair-grooming know-how, too.

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