Celebrities Can't Stop (& Won't Stop) Wearing These Incredibly Luxe Tracksuits

Every so often, there's a particular garment that seems to crop up on every celebrity. For fall '16, that's Olivia von Halle's extra-luxe (and ultra-expensive) Missy Tracksuit. The silk-cashmere blend, Lurex-stripe-lined, sweatshirt-and-trouser combo comes in three shades: gray, ivory, and navy, with optional monogramming. Oh, and it retails for a cool $1,147.92.

Still, a four-figure price tag hasn't deterred legions of fashion girls from donning the Missy across the globe. Recent sightings include two Hadids, one Alba, and a handful of other models. The first celebrity to be spotted in the pricey tracksuit was actually Jourdan Dunn. "She wore the ivory 'Moscow' to fly from New York to London Fashion Week this September, and gave us a shout-out via Instagram," Olivia von Halle, founder of the brand, told Refinery29. The super-luxe tracksuit resulted from two years of development and obsessing over the silhouette. After Dunn posted her #OOTD, the credits started rolling in: Bella Hadid in Paris, Rihanna on Snapchat, Suki Waterhouse on a glittery bed...the list goes on.

Von Halle actually started her career as a trend forecaster, and given her background, she predicted (back in 2014) that the tracksuit was poised for a comeback. "Our aim was to completely reinvent the tracksuit," she noted."By focusing on the cut and exquisite fabrication, we were able to create something that felt entirely new."

The Missy tracksuit hasn't been on shelves for very long — but the celebrity endorsements have certainly helped boost its profile (and sell out its stock). While the brand has enjoyed quite the star-studded lineup, von Halle does note that one big name had a particularly tangible impact: Gigi Hadid. "She wore the 'London' in New York under a floor-length ivory coat," she explained. "The pictures went viral because her coat was dragging on the floor, but we love it — the ultimate don’t-give-a-fuck attitude!"

The designer teases that we may be spotting the Missy tracksuit on even more celebrities very soon, as the brand has received repeat orders for various colorways from familiar names. On top of the bragging rights, though, this type of celebrity backing is huge for the few-years-old British brand. "It’s enabled us to reach a whole new audience and increase brand awareness, particularly with younger generations," von Halle told us. "Geographically, we’ve always had an incredibly international customer base, but it’s been really exciting to experience the global reach of these celebrities firsthand."

Ahead, check out some of the best Missy tracksuit sightings over the past few months — plus a few wallet-friendly alternatives for those who are fully on board for the tracksuit comeback.

Photo: Jackson Lee/Splash News.
Name a better shopping-day outfit. J.Lo has the right idea with this suit.

Olivia von Halle Missy London Silk-Ccashmere Tracksuit, $1,147.92, available at Olivia von Halle.
Photo: Josiah Kamau/Getty Images.
The dragging, pale-hued coat may have been controversial, but no one can contest just how cozy Gigi Hadid looks.

Olivia von Halle Missy London Silk-cashmere Tracksuit, $1,147.92, available at Olivia von Halle.
Photo: Via @jourdandunn.
The ultimate "airport fashion" hack, courtesy of Jourdan Dunn: Wear the fanciest sweatsuit ever.

Olivia von Halle Missy Moscow Silk-cashmere Tracksuit, $1,147.92, available at Olivia von Halle.
Photo: The Image Direct.
Nowadays, "model off-duty" is less denim and leather motos and more cashmere sweats and crop tops.

Olivia von Halle Missy Moscow Silk-cashmere Tracksuit, $1,147.92, available at Olivia von Halle.
Photo: Via @sukiwaterhouse.
When reclining on a bed of sequins, it's best to keep your ensemble low-key. Suki Waterhouse knows what's up.

Olivia von Halle Missy New York Silk-cashmere Tracksuit, $1,147.92, available at Olivia von Halle.
Try a slightly more polished variation that still fully feels like you're wearing your pajamas in public.

Staud Jiro Jacket, $65, available at Staud; Staud Mika Pant, $55, available at Staud.
Come on, can we really talk about tracksuits without throwing it back to the classic?

Juicy Couture J Bling Sunset Velour Jacket, $128, available at Juicy Couture; Juicy Couture Bling Zuma Velour Pant, $118, available at Juicy Couture.
Lounge around all weekend in this shorts set.

Camp Collection Field Day Pullover, $78, available at Camp Collection; Camp Collection Field Day Velour Shorts, $60, available at Camp Collection.
The tear-away side is a solid option for those who prefer a flared-bottom fit.

Daisy Street Plus Co-ord Sweatshirt With Poppers, $34, available at ASOS; Daisy Street Plus Co-Ord Track Pant with Poppers, $35, available at ASOS.
Logomania forever.

Reebok Vector Track Jacket, $75, available at Urban Outfitters; Reebok Vector Track Pant, $29.99, available at Urban Outfitters.
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