We Never Knew We Needed These 15 Things — Until Oprah Showed Them To Us

Every year, Oprah releases a list of her favorite things. To be clear, these things are not raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens. They're extravagant oddities that Oprah just happens to love. Last year, we discovered that, in total, her favorite things cost about $15,565.05. This year, the cost comes to about $14,000. Yes, the cost is exorbitant. But that doesn't mean these things aren't absolutely necessary.

In fact, we discovered that a few of Oprah's Favorite Things from 2016 are, in fact, our favorite things. You know how Carly Rae Jepson says, "Before you came into my life, I missed you so bad"? That's how we feel. Before Oprah breathed life into this list, we missed these items so bad. There are gadgets. There are gizmos. There are plenty of snackable delights that we need in our pantries.

Ahead, you'll find the 15 picks on this year's list that we — and now, you — absolutely need. We defy you to see these items and NOT discover that you need almost all of them.

Photo: Courtesy of Cypress Grove.
It's a literal cheese cake. It's cheese — in the shape of a cake.

Cypress Grove Holiday Cheese "Cake," $135, available at Cypress Grove.
Photo: Courtesy of Model Bakery.
We were content with sandwich bread before we chanced upon these gourmet English muffins. Now, nothing else will suffice.

Model Bakery English Muffins and Preserve Set, $40, available at Model Bakery.
Photo: Courtesy of PurseN.
You know how you feel frazzled when you travel and your neck hurts? This travel pillow organizer can help with both of those problems.

PurseN Travel Pillow Organizer, $35, available at PurseN.net.
Photo: Courtesy of Charles Fradin.
Every pet deserves a personalized blanket, especially one with his or her own face on it.

Charles Fradin Customizable Dog Blanket, $393, available at Charles Fradin Home.
Photo: Courtesy of Sabatino.
Sing it with me: "I got truffle zest in my bag, swag."

Doesn't sound as cool. Nevertheless, don't you want this truffle zest in your bag?!

Sabatino Truffle Zest + Salt Holiday Set, $21, available at Sabatino.
Photo: Courtesy of Verloop.
These gloves come in packs of three, in case you lose a glove. Need I say more?

Verloop Trio Touchscreen Gloves, available at Verloop.
Photo: Courtesy of 360 Cookware.
This gadget can slice and dice your veggies any way you please. Put away that knife set — this is the only chopper you need.

360 Cookware 360 Kitchen Cutter, $249, available at 360 Cookware.
Photo: Courtesy of Bialetti.
PSA: There's a pasta pot that can also strain. Two uses for the price of one, y'all.

Bialetti Original Pasta Pot, $30, available at Bialetti.
Photo: Courtesy of Raden.
We're so done with dumb luggage. This smart luggage has its own charging station and weighs itself.

Raden Smart Luggage, $292-$595, available at Raden.com.
Photo: Courtesy of My Audio Pet.
There are Bluetooth speakers and there are animal-shaped Bluetooth speakers. The latter are preferable.

My Audio Pet, Miniature Bluetooth Speaker, $24.99, available at My Audio Pet.
Photo: Courtesy of Stick With Me.
Perusing the library has never been so fun — this "storybook" is actually a box of homemade bonbons.

Stick With Me Storybook Box of 24 Bonbons, $88, Stick With Me.
Photo: Courtesy of Yonanas.
Turn any room into a 16 Handles with this sorbet maker.

Yonanas Elite Sorbet Maker, $130, available at Yonanas.
Photo: Courtesy of Stolen Riches.
Plain laces are so last year's favorite things.

Stolen Riches Shoe Laces, $17.50 each, available at Stolen Riches.
Photo: Courtesy of Samsung.
Oprah claims, "Your guests just might mistake this for modern art." It's a television. A very fancy television.

Samsung 40” Class Serif 4K UHD TV, $1500, available at Samsung.
Photo: Courtesy of Brouk & Co.
This charger organizer is basically a little sleeping bag for your technology.

Brouk & Co. Travel Cord Rolls, $20, available at Brouk & Co.
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