32 Instagram Accounts That Will Make Your Life Better

If you've ever felt drained by your social-media feed, you aren't alone. The rise of social-media platforms over the past few years has brought with it some increasing anxieties over the effects of "digital diseases" like FOMO or internet addiction. And that's not to mention the sleep that you lose while scrolling endlessly through your Twitter feed.

Indeed, several studies have linked social media to depression. But for some of us (okay, more like many of us), it's not always easy to ditch our Snapchat and Instagram accounts forever.

But, as is the case for many things, social media is really what you make of it. We may not be able to delete those apps forever — nor should we have to — but we can always tailor our social media feeds to our needs. Let's face it: Many of us could probably name a handful of Instagram accounts we follow that don't always make us feel great. So why not replace them with ones that do make our day a little more positive and happy?

Click ahead for some Instagram accounts that make our days and motivate us to be the best versions of ourselves, in one way or another.

Camping With Dogs

Adorable dogs, stunning views of the great outdoors, and did we mention the dogs already? This account is your one-stop shop for a dose of cute and some serious adventure inspo.
Ashley Armitage

Photographer and R29 contributor Ashley Armitage fills her feed with images from past and upcoming series, most of which put women (and their body hair, body rolls, and body positivity) front and center.
Photo: Via @loveyourlines.
Love Your Lines

Love Your Lines is an account consisting of curated photos that celebrate self-love and body positivity, no matter your size, shape, or background (a concept we're pretty familiar with here at Refinery29). In particular, the account puts the focus on stretch marks and shuts down the idea that we should be ashamed of them.
Photo: Via @amandlastenberg.
Amandla Stenberg

Amandla Stenberg is one our IRL role models, so it makes sense that her Instagram is super inspiring, too. From behind the scenes photos from her movies to woke missives, Stenberg's Instagram is just as cool as the actress herself.
Photo: Via @paintyhands.

Dancer and artist Lexy Hulme's Instagram is a treasure trove of inspiration. Whether or not you call yourself an artist, this account will inspire you to create something.
Photo: Via @saintrecords.

Solange needs no introduction, but just in case you're not already following her Instagram, here it is.
Photo: Via @jennyslate.
Jenny Slate

The hilarious Jenny Slate is just as hilarious on Instagram as she is on Parks and Recreation and Marcel the Shell. Follow her if you want a spot of laughter in your day (who doesn't?).
Photo: Via @tennesseebunny.
Tennessee Thomas

Musician Tennessee Thomas blends groovy, '60s-style political activism with her creative endeavors in fashion and music.
Photo: Via @dianeguerrero_.
Diane Guerrero

You may know Diane Guerrero as Orange is the New Black's Maritza, but as her Instagram will show you, she's also a fierce immigration-reform activist. Follow her to get inspired to change the world.
Photo: Via @bodyposipanda.
Megan Jayne Crabbe

Blogger Megan Crabbe is the body-positive hero we all need. Her account will give you a daily dose of motivation to give yourself a little love.
Photo: Via @breakyostigma.

As the Instagram handle implies, this account is working to shut down the stigma surrounding mental-health issues, and is here to let you know that it's okay not to feel okay.
Photo: Via @dopequeenpheebs.
Phoebe Robinson

Phoebe Robinson is responsible for several of our favorite things: the Woke Bae series, the 2 Dope Queens podcast, and the Sooo Many White Guys podcast. It's no wonder that her Instagram is one of our favorite things on earth, too.
Photo: Via @msjwilly.
Jessica Williams

Former correspondent for The Daily Show (and one half of 2 Dope Queens) Jessica Williams is everything we want to be — so following her Instagram will take us one step closer, won't it?
Things Organized Neatly

This account is exactly what you think it is: things, organized neatly. So satisfying to look at.
I Have This Thing With Floors

The Instagram account that inspired an entire hashtag will also inspire you to stop and take in your surroundings a little more often.
Sabrina Ward Harrison

Writer and artist Sabrina Ward Harrison has an Instragram account that will motivate you to find beauty in the most seemingly ordinary things.
Photo: Via @leesamantha.
Samantha Lee

Samantha Lee takes food pics to a whole new level by creating artful plates that tell a story. Her creations are sure to put a smile on your face.
Photo: Via @nourishandeat.
Nourish and Eat

Gina of Nourish and Eat defines herself as a "self-love enthusiast," and her account will keep you feeling positive even on not-so-great days.
Endangered Bodies NYC

Follow this account for reminders to be kind to yourself and your body.
Photo: Via @theashleygraham.
Ashley Graham

Model Ashley Graham is one of our favorite people on Instagram for her no-holds-barred realness.
Photo: Via @mattcutshall.
Matt Cutshall

If Cutshall's undying love for Chrissy Teigen didn't already solidify how much we relate to him, his hilarious Insta-sketches will.
Photo: Via @michelleobama.
Michelle Obama

We'll miss our current FLOTUS when it's time for the Obamas to leave the White House, but at least we'll always have Instagram.
Photo: Via @amberrose.
Amber Rose

It's no secret that we're pretty big fans of Amber Rose. If you're in need of some confidence inspiration, look no further than her Instagram page.
Photo: Via @tasteofstreep.
Taste of Streep

This account is full of photos of Meryl Streep, photoshopped into random and hilarious (sometimes tasty) situations. Need we say more?
Photo: Via @justinbaldoni.
Justin Baldoni

Jane the Virgin star Justin Baldoni may be even more lovable than his TV alter-ego. In addition to behind-the-scenes peeks at his series, My Last Days, Baldoni also regularly posts loving tributes to his wife and daughter that will inspire you to feel more gratitude.
Photo: Via @stronginsideout.
Amy Clover

Writer Amy Clover's Instagram handle "stronginsideout" tells you everything you need to know. Clover's posts will encourage you to look on the bright side and cultivate your inner strength.
Photo: Via @therock.
The Rock

Dwayne Johnson is one of our favorite beacons of positivity, and just one peek at his Instagram will show you exactly why.
Sarah Sophie Flicker

Sarah Sophie Flicker is a writer, activist, director, and trapeze artist. If that isn’t inspiring enough, her political calls to action will motivate you to get involved and fight for equal rights.
Photo: Via @kidpresident
Kid President

Remember the Kid President who gave us the pep talk we all needed? He’s on Instagram now. Follow him, and start feeling better about the state of the world.
Unlikely Friends

This dog and cat duo are sure to brighten up your feed and give you serious BFF goals.
Photo: via @foodbabyny
Food Baby New York

This Instagram account is essentially every New Yorker’s food bible. If adorable babies approve of these featured restaurants, so will you. And even if you don’t live in New York, it’s hard not to smile when you see photos like this.
Apartment Therapy

If you’re in need of some gorgeous interior inspiration, look no further. This account will give your feed some serious decor tips and organization motivation.
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