These Ikea Halloween Decorations Are Frightfully Cheap

Whether you're planning a seance or simply playing dress-up, Ikea has your back this Halloween (and, well, all the time). There's nothing like indulging in a few cheap and cheerful decorations to get yourself in the mood for fall's most horrifying holiday.

From blood-red candles to orange-and-black duvets, click through to see our favorite spooky finds from the Swedish retailer. These items could work in your home year-round, so you don't have to invest a ton of money in decor that you'll have to stow away come November. Speaking of money, did we mention that every item is under $30? (And most are way less than that.) Your fright fest awaits, ahead.

These lanterns will set the spooky mood, inside and out.

Ikea Rotera Lantern, $3.99, available at Ikea.
You can use this Gothic-inspired mirror for any number of Halloween DIY projects.

Ikea Ung Drill Mirror, $31.99, available at Ikea.
Photo: Courtesy of Ikea.
For a Tell-Tale Heart moment.

Ikea Famnig Hjärta Cushion, $4.99, available at Ikea.
Serve up some fingers — uh, we mean, finger food — in this serving bowl.

Ikea Skyn Serving Bowl, $29.99, available at Ikea.
Photo: Courtesy of Ikea.
Hannibal Lecter mask, meet dog lunch box.

Ikea Smaska Lunch Box, $3.99, available at Ikea.
Photo: Courtesy of Ikea.
A graphic spin on the holiday's signature color combo that's perfect year-round.

Ikea Gulltratt Duvet Cover & Pillowcases, $24.99, available at Ikea.
Like many Ikea items, this black fabric is simple, but versatile. You can make your own Dracula with it! (Check out Ikea's website for a how-to.)

Ikea Ditte Fabric, Black, $2.99, available at Ikea.
Cast a moody light over your space with this understated table lamp.

Ikea Fado Table Lamp, $19.99, available at Ikea.
Photo: Courtesy of Ikea.
For anyone looking to take their Sabrina, the Teenage Witch cosplay to the next level.

Ikea Mattram Cushion, $3.99, available at Ikea.
These blood-red candles are a scary-decor staple.

Ikea Sinnlig Scented Votive Candles, $1.99/4-Pack, available at Ikea.
Set the table with an appropriately somber runner.

Ikea Märit Table Runner, Black, $4.99, available at Ikea.
For dessert, serve eyeballs from little spice jars. They're made of chocolate and marzipan! (See how-to here.)

Ikea Rajtan Spice Jar, $2.79/4-Pack, available at Ikea.
It's time to do tricks with your fellow candlesticks.

Ikea Fulltalig Candlestick, $9.99, available at Ikea.
This chic little lamp may be Halloween-appropriate, but it's also toned-down enough for any ol' day.

Ikea Solbo Table Lamp, $14.99, available at Ikea.
This friendly vampire puppet would love to crash your party and drink all your blood punch.

Ikea Lattjo Soft Toy, Vampire, $4.99, available at Ikea.
Greet trick-or-treaters with this sleek black bowl.

Ikea Backig Bowl, $1.99, available at Ikea.
Imagine encountering this guy when it's pitch-black. Cute...but creepy.

Ikea Spöka LED Night Light, $16.99, available at Ikea.
Your tea lights would look dope flickering in this candleholder.

Ikea Stabbig Decoration, $2, available at Ikea.
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