Eat Like Your Favorite Celebrities On July 4th

Celebrities celebrate the Fourth of July, just like us. They wear red, white, and blue; they watch fireworks, and they even get their cookout on. Sure, some of them spend, ahem, a little more money than we can afford. Okay, a lot more money. But that doesn't mean we can't take a few party tips from our favorite celebs this weekend. Especially when it comes to the food.

We culled through Instagram to see what the A-list was cooking and eating last year on Independence Day. That way, this year's BBQ or cookout can feature Taylor Swift's American flag cake or Reese Witherspoon's seriously impressive Southern spread. Ahead, find 10-plus recipe ideas for this weekend, all of which you can easily whip up at home, fame and fortune not required.

Taylor Swift: American Flag Cake
By now, Taylor Swift's annual Fourth of July flag-cake making tradition is famous in its own right. But it's not actually her recipe. The original hails from Ina Garten, which means we can replicate the exact same one.

Swift also did some grilling last year, but the evidence has been removed from ex Calvin Harris' Instagram account.

Flag Cake
Reese Witherspoon: Southern Spread
Reese Witherspoon didn't hold back at last year's Independence Day celebration. In fact, her table full of food looks way more Pinterest-worthy than the party platters we've got planned. But that doesn't mean we can't try!

Fried Chicken
Corn Salad
Potato Salad
Watermelon With Mint
Selena Gomez: Fresh Fruit
Selena Gomez is a girl after our own heart. Instead of cooking last year, she picked up some fresh fruit with a friend. Offering to bring something that requires little to no work is always the best bet, anyway.

Fruit Salad
Neil Patrick Harris
Okay, so we're not going to be as fancy as Neil Patrick Harris (and fam), because going clamming isn't on our agenda. But, the aftermath certainly looks delicious and not too difficult to pull off.

Miso Clams
Kendall Jenner: Coffee
Either Kendall Jenner didn't get the memo about pool parties and BBQs or she was working last year during July Fourth weekend. Either way, all you have to do to be like Kendall is grab a cup of Joe. Although, we suggest going the cold route, so you can head outside with it and soak up some summer sun.

Iced Coffee
Joe Jonas: Cocktails
Joe Jonas celebrated July Fourth right last year, dressed in an American flag onesie, surrounded by cocktail fixings. We're definitely going to do the same, except we're taking our booze game to the next level with the below beverage inspo.

Tequila Cocktails
Jello Shots
Diane Kruger: American Flag Cake
It looks like Taylor Swift isn't the only one who likes to bake on Independence Day. Plus, Kruger's version of the flag looks slightly easier to pull off. All you need is a vanilla cake recipe and some berries!

Simple Layer Cake With Vanilla Frosting
Sofia Vergara: Grilled Steak
Last year, Sofia Vergara posted this pic of hubby Joe Manganiello getting his grill on. The couple definitely one-upped that whole burgers and hot dogs tradition.

How To Cook Steak
Gordon Ramsay: Burgers
Even though Gordon Ramsay isn't American, he sure knows how to eat like one on July 4. Ramsay posted this pic of one of his classic sliders from his Las Vegas restaurant, Burgr.

Best Burgers
Andy Cohen: Ice Cream Sundae
Ice cream is the perfect treat for a hot day spent outdoors. And Andy Cohen isn't fooling around with his sundae, which looks like it's topped with a handful of M&Ms. If you're looking for something a little more portable, try making a bunch of easy ice cream sandwiches.

Ice Cream Sandwiches
Chrissy Teigen: Raspberry Twist

A nice cocktail gives your patriotic celebration that something extra special. Chrissy drinks Smirnoff, and we recommend trying their Raspberry Twist cocktail.


Raspberry Twist
Amy Schumer: Pimm's Cup

Amy decided to enjoy a fresh, delicious, and traditionally British Pimm's Cup while she's enjoying Wimbledon (which frequently falls during Fourth of July weekend). It's a light and refreshing drink without too much booze that's perfect for afternoon imbibing.


Pimm's Cup
Padma Lakshmi: Red, White & Blue Pinwheel Icebox Cookies

These delicious looking cookies are one you might want to plan ahead to make, because they require six hours of cooling time! They're worth it, though.


Red, White & Blue Pinwheel Icebox Cookies
Rachel Bilson: Banana Pudding

The coolness of that whipped cream and the sweetness of the pudding make banana pudding a holiday-recipe go-to for this O.C. alum.


Banana Pudding
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