Selena Gomez Is More Obsessed With Celine Dion Than You Are

Everyone has a favorite singer, even pop stars themselves like Selena Gomez. (And no, it's not Nicki Minaj this time.) It's Celine Dion. Gomez really let her obsession with the Canadian powerhouse show when she attended Dion's show at Caesars Palace this weekend. Gomez snapchatted her way through the concert, documenting the details of her monumental night. We can't say we wouldn't do the same given the chance.

She bought and wore matching tour merch with her concert crew.

via Instagram/Snapchat.

She was part of a group sing-along to the emotional "Because You Loved Me."

via Instagram/Snapchat.

She even had to hold back tears during part of the song.

via Instagram/Snapchat.

She managed to squeeze in a group picture with Dion.

Along with a little one-on-one with the singer.

via Twitter.

The show Gomez attended with her friends was also the last performance before Dion's two-month hiatus from her residency at Caesars Palace. So if this inspired you to attend your own life-changing Dion show, unfortunately you'll have to wait a beat.

Until then, you can always have your own private sing-along. And even Snapchat it à la Selena Gomez if you're so inclined.

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