20 Times Kate Moss Started A Beauty Trend

Kate Moss is a fashion icon — and that's putting it mildly. I mean, the woman single-handedly made knee-high, rubber rain boots cool. Pretty impressive. If she started wearing aqua socks in public tomorrow, Zara would pick them up as quickly as it poaches patterns from the Louis Vuitton runway and they'd be on your feet by spring.

But it's not just her fashion sense that makes her such a trendsetter. Miss Moss is influential when it comes to beauty, as well. From bedhead hair to smoky eyes to dewy skin, the supermodel has been rocking some of our favorite looks since modeling was just a glimmer in Kendall Jenner's eye.

We've compiled 20 beauty looks that Kate was sporting way before the rest of us. Ahead, we take a little stroll down memory lane with the girl who's always the coolest person in the room.

Photo: Photoshot/Getty Images.
Natural Beauty
A baby-faced Kate embraces her freckles and flyaways while sporting the flushed cheeks and stained lips we've seen all over the runways lately.
Photo: Barry King/Getty Images.
Bang Bang
Every few years Kate chops her fringe, and we're sure that has a major effect on the popularity of the style. Here she is in 1989 with bangs and Johnny Depp (which may or may not be why I picked this photo). Coolest. Couple. Ever.
Photo: Ron Galella/Getty Images.
Flower Girl
A slicked-back look has always been a Moss favorite — in 1996 she added an orchid bloom to her signature style, years before the Coachella set revived the flower crown.
Photo: Ron Galella/Getty Images.
Dewy Skin
The makeup look du jour is all about getting a healthy glow like Kate's — back in 1997.
Photo: Dave Benett/Getty Images.
Short & Sweet
Though we're used to seeing her with long, blond waves, Kate isn't afraid to switch things up. In 2001, she chopped it all off and showed off an adorable pixie. Then, so did everybody else.
Photo: MJ Kim/Getty Images.
Festival Hair
Yes, this is the Glastonbury moment in 2005 that launched a thousand Wellies, but it also ushered in the era of sexy bedhead.
Photo: Fred Duval/Getty Images.
The feline flick has been one of Kate's signature looks for years.
Photo: Stuart Wilson/Getty Images.
Bardot Bangs
Okay, Brigitte Bardot was obviously the originator of her namesake fringe, but Kate adopted the popular longer-on-the-sides style long before Behati Prinsloo and Alexa Chung got into it.
Photo: Dave M. Benett/Getty Images.
The Shag
This Joan Jett-inspired cut is currently a favorite of the off-duty-model set, but Kate was rocking it back in 2008.
Photo: Serge Benhamou/Getty Images.
Fresh Face
Kate has been a champion of the minimal look, long before we'd ever heard the term "no makeup-makeup."
Photo: Dave M. Benett/Getty Images.
The Lob
It may be L.A.'s most popular haircut today, but Kate had her way with the long bob circa 2009.
Photo: Dominique Charriau/Getty Images.
These days people are all about embracing and even faking their gray, but Kate was doing the silver-fox thing back in 2010.
Photo: Dave M. Benett/Getty Images.
Rimmel Red
Sure, no one can stake a claim on the classic red lip, but Kate did get a crimson lipstick named in her honor in 2011.
Photo: Dave M. Benett/Getty Images.
Bohemian Bride
That same year Kate married Jamie Hince, giving Pin-worthy wedding inspiration for every cool-girl bride-to-be.
Photo: Foc Kan/Getty Images.
Such A Stud
In 2012, Kate showed off a stud-covered ear — and then everyone began piercing their second and third holes again.
Photo: Brazil Photo Press/CON/Getty Images.
That '70s Hair
We've seen a resurgence in disco era-inspired hair over the past few seasons, but Kate tapped into it in 2013.
Photo: Fred Duval/Getty Images.
Glamour Puss
With her signature smoky eyes and bombshell blond hair, Kate has always done an A+ job with evening glamour.
Photo: Karwai Tang/Getty Images.
The Flip
Parting your hair on the opposite side than you normally do and flipping it over is a look we've all come to embrace.
Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images.
Major Contour
Kate has always known the power of defined cheekbones.
Photo: Pierre Suu/Getty Images.
Kate perfected this pout, well before selfies were even a thing.

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