Inhaling Powdered Caffeine Is A Thing

We've never advocated snorting substances. Or inhaling glue. Anything like that scares us, especially after that memorable "huffing" episode of 7th Heaven. But, we're not going to lie, we're not entirely opposed to addiction. No need for a dealer (or an intervention). Our fix comes in the form of a $6.75 Skinny Caramel Macchiato. Kinda puts a cramp in our New Year's resolution to give our credit card a rest.
Enter, the very legal AeroShot, a very, err, buzzy product from Harvard scientist David Edwards. Available in Boston and NYC in eight days, each $3 "shot" from the device, about the size of a lipstick, contains 100 mg of powdered caffeine and a mix of B vitamins, the same amount of the good stuff that's in a large cup of coffee. "Put the...end between your lips and gently puff into your mouth," exhorts AreoShot's web site. Kinda sounds like that pusher from your high school, right? (Areoshot via The Rundown).
Photo: Via AeroShot.

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