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A Russian passenger plane crashed in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, killing 224 people. Officials say the airliner broke up in midair at high altitude. (Refinery29)
Kenya’s Mary Keitany won the New York City Marathon. She's the first woman since 2008 to have back-to-back victories. (Refinery29)
Mississippi parents are furious after pranksters showered a Halloween parade with penis-shaped candy. (Cosmopolitan)
Chipotle was forced to temporally close 43 restaurants after being liked to an E. coli outbreak. (Refinery29)
Paul Ryan continues to come for your reproductive healthcare, says Planned Parenthood doesn’t deserve a "red cent" from the taxpayer. (Refinery29)
Al-Shabab attacked a Somali hotel in Mogadishu, leaving at least 15 dead. (BBC)
Jeb Bush vows to fight past his campaign’s “bumpy time.” Jeb: A poorly made ponytail is “bumpy;" your campaign is just a sad, long sigh. (Los Angeles Times)
R & B artist Jesse Graham is suing Taylor Swift for $42 million over “Shake It Off.” He claims he invented the phrase “haters gonna hate." (Vulture)

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