8 Things You Need To Know This AM — Feb 19 2015

Ariana Grande has been accused of plagiarizing the concept for her new "One Last Time" video, in which a meteor shower rains down from purple skies, from a video released by Australian group SAFIA last year. (Billboard)

A 13-year old fan will be getting royalties from Paper Towns author John Green after proving that a quote on his merchandise is actually hers. There is a fanfiction joke in here somewhere. (YouTube)

It took YEARS to get Tuesday night's Bill Murray cameo as Pawnee's scandal-ridden mayor on Parks and Recreation to happen. (Entertainment Weekly)

New research in Personality and Individual Differences found that men with shorter index and longer ring fingers are generally nicer to women. Check it out before you put a ring on it. (Science Direct)

UMass Amherst reversed their policy barring Iranian students from certain science and engineering classes, a move the school had claimed was due to a federal law. (WHDH NBC)

FUBU founder and Shark Tank star Daymond John says that it was he who came up with "YOLO," not Drake. We're guessing Drake's response is, you know, "YOLO." (TMZ)

Members of an LGBT group from Maryland received special seating at Pope Francis' weekly address in St. Peter's Square. (CNN)

Little Caesars will soon offer a deep-dish pizza with a crust wrapped in 3.5 feet of bacon. That means you'd need approximately 362,507,143 pizza's worth of bacon to get the moon, in case you were wondering. (TIME)

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