The 10 Reaction GIFs To Use This January

Welcome to the new year. That baby has capped off his dome with a pretty top hat, we've awoken to a healthy hangover, and that gym resolution is just going to have to wait until tomorrow (or until the Gatorade kicks in). With that said, there's no better time to get cracking on that other resolution of yours. Yes, the one unsaid resolution we all tell ourselves, but never get around to doing. What resolution are we talking about? Why, the gif-game one, of course!
There isn't anything better than a good gif. We have, after all, already opened our gifts and are in dire need of replenishing our arsenal. Well, look no further — behold, a January 2014 gif(t) guide to aid you through the next 31 days. With the help of Giphy, we've compiled the ten must-know, perma-loop images to bookmark, drag n' drop, and save to your phone. January is all about new beginnings, new side-eyes, and new reasons to just not give a you-know-what. And, nothing expresses those feelings better than a lil' gif.
If one of your resolutions is to hone your gif-using skills, well, consider this Intro To Gif'ing 101: Refinery29 Style.
When you wake up January 1, 2014.
When you walk into the gym to tackle the first day of your "new fitness regimen" resolution.
When you leave the gym after the first day of your "new fitness regimen" resolution.
When you walk up into the office wearing all your new holiday swag.
When your coworkers are all like, "Well, I heard that she got hit with three zebras and a monkey..."
When you successfully finish your to-do list ahead of schedule and have time to get your nails did.
When the middle of the month comes around and there's no break in sight.
When the status of your holiday bonus finally goes from pending to spending — er, spendable.
When you show up at the gym on the 31 to the total shock of your other health-nut friends.
When you really want to do something and "2014" is the only reason for doing it.

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