Forget Jackets: Anna Dello Russo Wears Athletic Heat Patches For Warmth

So, that's how she can wear micro-mini Balmain dresses in 25-degree weather and not turn into a human-sicle. We found an interesting tidbit in this month's Glamour magazine from senior fashion editor Susan Cernek that shows just how far some fashion fanatics will go to show off their clothes:
"Rumor has it that street style supernova Anna Dello Russo puts athletic heat patches onto the small of her back on chilly Fashion Week days so she can sport skimpy designer duds and still stay toasty."
Just check out this photo of her in Paris this February. Taking a look back in the weather reports, we found that it was a balmy 40 degrees Fahrenheit when this picture with taken. If it were us, that dress could have been made out of heat packs, and that still wouldn't have been enough. Kudos to Ms. Russo though — you've either got to be crazy or crafty (or a little bit of both) to pull of Fashion Week in this sort of style!
Photo: Wayne Tippetts/Rex USA

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