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While we can tell you everything you need to know about shopping, street style, and kooky global trends, when it comes to the tastiest bites, sometimes we like to defer to the experts. In this case, that would be the top food bloggers who are eating well and sharing their delicious (and not so delicious!) findings. Whether you’re on the hunt for the best Vietnamese, haute healthy cuisine, or just trying to get some inspiration for your next easy dinner party, there's a handful of smart sites out there catering to you. With gorgeous photos galore and incredibly informative insider tips, these nine blogs will make sure you're getting the best bites and business in town, according to our ace food expert, Natalie James from Fashion Intel. Now, let's eat!
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East Side Food Bites:
This third generation Angeleno knows what’s up on the Eastside food scene and isn’t afraid to share the dish. Specializing in neighborhoods from Atwater Village to Lincoln Heights, writer Valentina wanders the streets looking for the best in mom-and-pops, street food, and unpretentious spots serving up delicious food. Reading her blog is like sitting down with a friend and getting the real scoop.
Photo, courtesy of East Side Food Bites.

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Lottie & Doof:
Tim from Lottie and Doof has received overwhelming love from L.A. eaters for his amazing blog dedicated to cooking, hosting, and the politics of food. With a variety of recipes posted a few times a week such as zucchini pickles, elderflower fritters, and milk punch, Lottie and Doof brings major creativity to food without making cooking feel intimidating.
Photo, courtesy of Lottie And Doof.

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There are almost no words to describe the food and style blog Luxirare, which has been captivating audiences since it first hit the web back in 2008. Each time you see one of Luxirare's creations your mouth will drop in astonishment and amazement. Ji of Luxirare shares with her world of cuisine, whether she is making scented almond milk, artisanal pizza, or avocado molds. There is such an incredible attention to detail and perfection that most people can only sigh when seeing such culinary beauty.
Photo, courtesy of Luxirare.

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Happy Yolks:
Happy Yolks is the epitome of good food for a healthy and vibrant lifestyle. Kelsey reminds us to reach for the chard, legumes, and colorful foods, as they are the ones that truly give your body a great source of energy. Her beautiful photos and simple recipes encourage readers to go create a dinner table that feels wholesome, cozy, and unfussy. When you create something delicious from Happy Yolks it’s a guaranteed crowd pleaser and you'll have everyone wondering just how you found the time!
Photo, courtesy of Happy Yolks.

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With over 4,000 followers on Twitter, one of them being Jonathan Gold—a.k.a. the "belly of Los Angeles"—Cathy Nhu is has gained national popularity as the small lady with a huge appetite. This writer from the San Gabriel Valley documents her food adventures from around the globe, but it is her insight into the culinary landscape of L.A. that really elevates her site above the rest. This is the blog to read for the best eats from high to low, East to West, and everything in between.
Photo, courtesy of Gastronomy.

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Bap Story:
Written by Jeana Sohn of Closet Visit and Bo Carney of Mohawk General Store, this food blog devoted entirely to the awesomeness of Korean food has readers hungry for more. Having just popped up this spring, these two young women have already garnered a strong following from those who love all things kimchi, stir-fried, and spicy. Add a dose of Bo's mother's homemade Korean cooking tips and you have the perfect blog to fill that empty void in your stomach.
Photo, courtesy of BapStory.

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Matchbox Kitchen:
New on the food blogging scene but certainly bringing the talent, Sara of Matchbox Kitchen has an eye for beautiful plates of food. Her photos are some of the most gorgeous we’ve seen and immediately they cause a salivating reaction that can only be cured with her recipe. She definitely has a knack for sweets, teasing the viewers with snaps of her brown butter rice crispies, S'mores, and lemon bars. Along with her impeccable culinary talents, she also opens up a discourse on sustainability and getting back to the simple things in life.
Photo, courtesy of Matchbox Kitchen.

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The Year in Food:
The Year In Food, written by Kimberley Hasselbrink, is a welcoming place that documents the ever-changing seasons and the harvests they bring throughout the year. With a relaxed and inspired approach to creative cooking, The Year in Food successfully encompasses both foods that bring our bodies great health and also ones that comfort us. Kimberley simply wants to share interesting things in with friends. No secrets, just good fun with food.
Photo, courtesy of The Year In Food.

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Bon Appétempt
Amelia Morris is the food blogger for thinking girls. With her eloquent use of the English language and sense of humor, her trials and tribulations through preparing various dishes have her readers wondering what she's going to create next. If you’ve ever wondered what a recipe found in the pages of a magazine might look like coming out of your kitchen, Amelia does it for you, proving that nothing is too difficult to tackle in your kitchen. Your meal might not look perfect, but your taste buds and stomach won’t mind.
Photo, courtesy of Bon Appétempt.


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