Let's Get It Straight: Phoebe & Ursula Buffay Were The Best Pop Culture Twins

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It's National Twin Day, and while that brings to mind famous pop culture "twins" like Parent Trap's Hallie and Annie (Lindsay Lohan), or Leonardo DiCaprio's masterpiece performance in The Man In The Iron Mask, I would like to nominate Phoebe and Ursula Buffay as the best twin duo to grace our screens. Yes, I know they're not real and were both played by Lisa Kudrow, but therein lies the genius. Kudrow played both as ditzy, but while Phoebe was an inherently loving character, Ursula was just downright evil.
Even the biggest Friends diehard might not know how Ursula even came to be. For example, did you know that the world met Ursula before Phoebe? Kudrow was cast as the forgetful and ditzy waitress in NBC's hit comedy Mad About You. When she was later cast as Phoebe Buffay on Friends, writers decided to bring in Ursula to spice things up. Another fun fact: Ursula appeared in only eight episodes of Friends, but left an indelible mark on our hearts forever.
Before you get too cocky about your mastery of all things Friends trivia, I'm here with a much-needed refresher on how these two polar opposite twins coexisted in the best fake version of New York, ever. (Sorry, How I Met Your Mother.)
Keep reading for the very best interactions between Lisa Kudrow and Lisa Kudrow. And of course, to see that steamy kiss between Phoebe and Joey.
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The One With Mad About You

Before we met the Buffay sisters on Friends, we knew Ursula as the forgetful and moony waitress nobody loved on Mad About You. And with service like this, it's no surprise!
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The One With Joey And Ursula...And Phoebe

When Ursula decides she's over her brief romance with Joey (Matt LeBlanc), Phoebe dresses up as her twin to let Joey down gently.

I dare you to watch Joey and Phoebe kiss and not ship them a full 14 years after the series finale. Is it too late to make this happen?
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The One With The Smoldering Kiss

No, seriously. Look at it again!
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The One With The Confrontations

Ursula was a bitch. Plain and simple. She was negligent, apathetic, and downright mean to Phoebe. Ursula casually forgot her grandmother was still alive for a full five years and never bothered to tell Phoebe about the identity of their real birth mother.
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The One With Sean Penn

Ursula's boyfriend, Eric (Sean Penn), mistakes Phoebe for his lady love. But when sparks fly between the two, he jumps ship and starts dating Phoebe.
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The One With All The Porn

The gang is shocked when they discover porn featuring Phoebe! But it comes as a surprise when it turns out Ursula had used her sister's name while starring in films like "Buffay the Vampire Layer," "Sex Toy Story 2," "Lawrence of a Labia," and "Inspect Her Gadget." Classic Ursula!
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The One With The Childhood Trauma

Ursula's mean streak started when the girls were kids, as evidenced by the long list of grievances Phoebe has with Ursula.
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The One With The Awkward Meeting

What Ursula lacked in human decency she made up for with rudeness.
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The One With The Big Reveal

On the last episode of Mad About You, audiences found out that Ursula Buffay — forgetful, nonchalant, rude Ursula — would go on to become the Governor of New York.
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The One With The Lost Birthday

Can you imagine waking up on a milestone birthday and finding out you're actually a whole year older than you thought? Yep, that's what happened to Phoebe when she found out her 30th birthday was actually her 31st. Thanks for nothing, Ursula.

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