Celebs Commenting On Each Other's Instagram Is The Only Pure Thing Left On Social Media

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Of all the updates Instagram has made over the years, none has given me as much joy as the one that allowed me to gleefully spy on celebrity interactions in the comments under their photos. Depending on the number of followers, any given celeb post can have hundreds, if not thousands, of comments. So a neatly pulled out joke or clap back from another celeb was a delightful gift for the voyeur in me.
That's how I found out Kate Beckinsale and Sarah Silverman have the truest of all friendships and that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are always one-upping each other (they're not just doing it for the 'gram, guys).
But now I'm here to tell you that I have cut my sleuthing time in half — and you can too! All thanks to @commentsbycelebs, an account dedicated to neatly cataloging every jibe, shade, joke, and quip made by a celebrity, to a celebrity, on a celebrity account. With a steady stream of posts, you can sit back, relax, and hit refresh all day long.
Without this account, I wouldn't have known that Zach Braff's favorite pastime is to heckle other celebrities, or that the sickest burns in the comments are often between partners. But most importantly, I witnessed the glory of Chrissy Teigen, the queen of retorts. She owns all of social media, and we are all lucky to live in her world.
Below are some of my favorite celebrity comments, shade and all.
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The nerve of Tyga to correct Kim Kardashian's spelling when he's on Kanye West's payroll.
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Nice work, you two. #CommentsByCelebs

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Don't ever, ever come for Mark Consuelos. Kelly Ripa will excoriate you for the world to see.
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When Armie Hammer reminded Timothée Chalamet he owes it all to the peach.
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Zach Braff trolling Emily Ratajkowski: Exhibit A.
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Wait what couch? #CommentsByCelebs

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Zach Braff trolling Emily Ratajkowski: Exhibit B.
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Lemme get an amen real quick. #CommentsByCelebs

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If not for this account, we would have missed out on Teigen taking pity on this exhausted user.
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We're happy to oblige Orlando Bloom. *Like*
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I'm tired of waiting, please give Lively and Reynolds a sitcom.
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It's not always on Instagram, either. Sometimes you find Oprah gems on Twitter.
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@chrissyteigen, legend. #CommentsByCelebs

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*mic drop*
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