PSA: Rosé Season Officially Starts Now

Good news: We don't have to wait until summer for rosé season to start because it officially begins in the spring. And lucky for us, the first day of this sunshine- and wine-filled time is less than two weeks away. In order to properly prepare for such an occasion, we rounded up the newest vintages to make their debut in 2018. When searching for this year's latest rollouts, be sure to only select bottles marked with a 2017 label — as rosé is best enjoyed young, at no more than a year old.
The nine wines ahead will continue to launch as we forge into warmer weather — so take note and stock up on your "summer water" arsenal before these goods fly off the shelves permanently in the upcoming season (rosé shortages are a real threat). With refreshing options from Californian vineyards to more classic French Grenache varietals, these new pink-hued sips are ready to help us ring in spring and summer.
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This Californian rosé from Tank Garage Winery boasts the summery fresh flavors of white peach, strawberry, citrus, and melon.

Tank Garage Winery 2017 Stars Like Ours, $20, available at Tank Garage Winery.
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With light hints of rosewater, pineapple, key lime, and strawberry, Bonterra's organic Californian bottle makes for dry and crisp drinking.

Bonterra 2017 Rosé, $16, available at Bonterra.
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Biagio Cru's bottle of Grenache rosé is sourced from French vineyards and offers an elegantly fresh flavor with a fruity finish.

Biagio Cru Rosé All Day, $13.99, available at Biagio Cru.
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Wölffer's 2017 Finca is sourced from Argentinian vineyards and boasts a flavor profile of ripe berries and peaches with a hint of salty aftertaste.

Wölffer Estate 2017 Finca Rosé, $17.99, available at Wölffer.
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A Washington state rosé, Charles & Charles' 2017 bottle has a creamy quality on top of a bright and floral finish.

Charles & Charles 2017 Rosé, $14, available at One Stop Wine Shop.
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A dry Provençal-style rosé, SAVED's Magic Maker is bursting with juicy fruit flavors and spiced herby hints.

SAVED Magic Maker Rosé, $17, available at SAVED Wines.
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Hit up your nearest Target for the flagship launch of Yes Way Rosé's 2017 bottle, made from a Mediterranean grape blend in the South of France.

Yes Way Rosé 2017 Yes Way Rosé, $12.99, available at Target.
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Dry and sparkling, Santa Margherita's 2017 rosé is made from a mainly white wine blend with a delicate splash of red.

Santa Margherita 2017 Sparkling Rosé, $29.99, available at Santa Margherita.
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Made in Washington State, Charles Smith's 2017 bottle is fresh, juicy, and rounded with hints of watermelon, citrus, lilac, and rose.

Charles Smith CasaSmith ViNO Rosé, $12, available at Wines Of Substance.
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