Katherine Heigl Moonlights As A GoPro Music Video Director

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Katherine Heigl hasn't been having the best few years professionally. She starred in two TV shows that flopped almost immediately, followed by the largely panned movie Unforgettable. It's a good thing, then, that her personal life seems to be going well. So well, in fact, that her husband, country singer Josh Kelley, decided to "let" her direct a steamy music video for his cover of Bruce Springsteen's "I'm on Fire."
"Josh Kelley let me direct another of his music videos and we did it with nothing more than a couple of friends, a GoPro and our gorgeous ranch as the location," Heigl wrote on Facebook, where she shared the video.
The video is the stuff of a paperback romance novel. As it opens, we see Heigl wake up as a man in a suit leaves her bedroom and drives off in a red convertible. Kelley passes the car walking up to the driveway. (Where did he walk there from?) There are several scenes of Kelley working hard feeding horses and working on a tractor. Heigl, who's maybe a bored housewife, fluffs out some sheets to hang out to dry and spends most of her time watching Kelley. Finally, she goes out to bring the man a beer. This leads to some kind of flirty talk, and eventually they decide to go on a horseback ride to a more secluded spot for a make out session. They look sad for a while. Then the husband comes back. The end.
What will happen next? Where is Kelley's car? Why did they use a GoPro for this when there are no action shots? And what does it mean when you decide to direct yourself as an unfaithful wife in a video with your own husband?
As Heigl mentioned, this is the second time she's directed a video for her husband. The first, for "It's Your Move," featured the two of them having a huge fight and her almost walking out the door. The couple told Entertainment Tonight that their first big fight inspired both the song and video. We can't say whether this is the healthiest way for everyone to work out relationship issues, but whatever works for them!
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