You May Be Surprised By The Most Popular Halloween Candy In Your State

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It's that time of year again when all we want to do is think about, talk about, and of course, eat Halloween candy. And, we're not the only ones. The bulk candy distributor compiled and analyzed sales data from the past ten years in order to figure out the three most popular Halloween candies in each state. Now, ahead of the candy-centric holiday, the company released the results and it's stirring up quite a bit of controversy.
According to's list, the top candy sold in Kentucky, Minnesota, Tennessee, and Washington, between the 2007 and 2016, was the Tootsie Pop. To anyone who thinks the combination of fruity hard candy and chewy milk chocolate is just unnatural, its popularity in so many states will come as a real shock. Much less surprising is the information that Reese's also takes the top spot in four states, Iowa, Kansas, Oregon, and Wyoming. Regardless of your personal taste in candy, you have to admit that peanut butter and chocolate as a dessert combination make a lot of sense.
Besides just listing out the top three candies ordered state by state, also created an interactive map that displays the single most popular candy in each state. Inside the boarder of each state, there's a picture of the corresponding favorite candy, and you can roll over each one to read more information like how many pounds of the candy were sold there.
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Looking at this year's Favorite Halloween Candy map, it's hard not to notice just how different it looks from the most popular Halloween candy map released by Influenster last year. For instance, Influenster reported that New Yorkers love SweetTarts the most, but according to's data, New York much prefers Sour Patch Kids. Both candies are sweet and sour, but still, very different.
The reason for the many differences could be that was analyzing its own sales data, while Influenster surveyed 40,000 Americans. Of course, no matter how you compile this data, there's always going to be a little controversy around the results because let's face it, we take our candy preferences very seriously.
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